Thursday, March 28, 2013

Roy Carroll's exempted event venue.

Who knew? 

Roy Carroll owns an event venue within his building...The city's planning department did not seem aware of its existence during the Entertainment Facility Use Ordinance discussions. I was also not able to obtain the privilege license information ... 

Regardless, it's Casino Night at Center Pointe with Chips and Buy ins and Dealers... just like the real thing...That is one fancy sweepstakes parlor.

The photos come from a party last September and were available online.

Many familiar faces, mostly real estate professionals enjoying the moment downtown, comforted by the finest protection money can buy...Our very own, and very fine Greensboro Police Department. 

I do not know if the presence of the Police inside the building violated the chief's directives as stated in an Email to the city manger on August 6th 2012:

" I have loosened our off duty restrictions, but not to allow officers to work inside club security...something I find unacceptable and a bit repulsive..." 

I am certain that the chief treats all Greensboro citizens equally...the GPD was probably there only to ensure Roy's compliance with the noise ordinance.


  1. Was this for charity?

  2. Roch, yes...this particular event was for charity...a great one actually.

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