Monday, April 1, 2013

The Carroll Companies

Roy Carroll, owner of The Carroll Companies SM,  is a Greensboro based corporation which describes itself as follow:

"The Carroll CompaniesSMare a group of companies involved in diverse aspects of
property development, construction, ownership, and management."

Here is he company's contact info.

This is not an exposé on the Carroll Companies SM , I promise there is a point I am getting to a little later...

So we know that, WE / The city of Greensboro have been extremely generous, and supportive of Mr Carroll's endeavors. WE/ The city of Greensboro have given Mr Carroll a few Millions of Dollars to renovate Centerpointe and threw in a few parking spaces as a bonus... We also have provided a few additional Millions of Dollars of our tax money towards his water and sewer OUTSIDE of Greensboro city limits. 

In return, Mr Carroll has provided us with the downtown curfew, the revival of the tent ordinance, the ongoing divisive noise ordinance  and tomorrow night's entertainment facility use ordinance.

Now, it was recently discovered that Mr Carroll also owns an event venue in downtown Greensboro located in his building known as Centerpointe. 

The point is that after looking at the available record, and speaking to the privilege license folks, it seems that only 4 of Mr Carroll's EIGHT companies (plus one event venue) have a privilege license to operate within city limits. 
These are the entities with a privilege license:

These are the entities for which no privilege license was located 
-Carrolland  corporation
-Carroll commercial construction company
-Centerpointe event venue


  1. This man is no good. Make him pay back fees.

  2. Guess now we'll be calling him, "Under the Table" Roy.

  3. There is also no record of Carroll Campus Development at the NC Secretary of State. Could that mean emperor Roy is also short changing the State of North Carolina?

  4. It is a little strange for him to assist in imposing rules for every other venue, while his own event space is not even registered. So Illustrative and yet so fuckep up!

  5. "threw in a few parking spaces as a bonus"
    Could you please describe these parking spaces, i.e., their location?

    Could you please describe this "event venue"? Is it rented to the general public for profit? Has it ever been used for a "for-profit" event? Is it donated for charitable events? Is it part of a residence which can be used as the owner wishes? Is it used by non-profits, such as a health charity or an arts charity, for charitable events to raise money for different causes? Has the owner ever charged one dime to "rent" the facility, or is it simply used for different casues or private events and not even open to the general public? If you use the Mill which you describe as owning (is it your home?) to host an event to raise money for say, ALS, would you apply for any type of "privilege license?"