Friday, May 17, 2013

ELECTION ISSUE ALERT- Roy Carroll bought himself an encore...

From the DGI's environment report to the board:

"·      The court cases against two Downtown nightclubs that had amassed three violations of the noise ordinance within a one-year period remain in progress.  Dates for the hearing are not yet available.
·      City Council will be revisiting the noise ordinance within the next 60 days.  Although the ordinance was updated last year, problems persist and the City will examine additional refinements.
It should read:  Although the ordinance was updated last year... Roy Carroll did not get his way, so he is buying himself another round at the expense of the community.

So here we are...again... What a farce!
It is my opinion that Roy Carroll should close his windows, move to the countryside or go fuck himself... Enough is enough!

It is certain that the soundproofing of the Centerpointe building is inadequate. Should the whole city pay for Roy Carroll's inadequate sound proofing of his building? 
Should the whole city suffer because Roy Carroll moved into his penthouse.

In an Email dated December 9, 2011, Chief Miller stated:
“Roy has just moved into his own building.  We’ll figure it all out, but I am inclined to start citing Greene Street each time we get a complaint..."

    A friend suggested last night that there should be soundproofing standards mandated for all  building renovations or construction within the Central business district. 
   I agree!  Let's get a new soundproofing ordinance passed. 

   This is not simply about the noise, this is about the way our city does business and it is not the way it should be.


  1. some crazy shit

  2. He is a racist with an illegal event center who divides the city and we give him more money?

  3. The $225,000 is a payment on the original incentive package...this payment is from Guilford county...BUT, you raise a good point about his unregistered event space with police protection...Council should hold back the payment until Roy pays for his privilege license. He has run our city for too long.

  4. roy carol is a menace to this city. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE SUPPORTING this bigoted little twat of a man .

    1. That is an interesting description of the man. Now I agree with you that any council member supporting Roy Carroll against the community should not be part of the council come November. The item was on the agenda three times. The first time was Roy's attempt @ 45db, the second one involved the whole community and the level was set.. the third one was brought up by Nancy Hoffman. If the rumors are true, then Ms Hoffman will be taken care of, either by Mike Barber or Bill Knight.