Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Self Serving Opportunist Imbecile... or Idiot Genius ?

Robbie Perkins is currently grand standing for the shut down of a night club he helped locate in my building on Lewis St for which he received a commission... ( I must add that the night club in question has yet to be found responsible for any misconduct or violation.) 
Yet, Mr Perkins remains silent about some other numerous and notorious violations... (Hat tip Billy Jones)

Last week, I attended a meeting with the Asst City attorney and the Police attorney to discuss the unfortunate and tragic shooting  that happened earlier this month on Elm Street. 
The Police Attorney and Police Chief advocated for increased cooperation and teamwork between Police forces and entertainment venues. They then cited extreme examples of  "no no's" which would result in almost immediate shut down...
"Do not bleach, or tamper with, the crime scene...Do not hide victims in a closet... do not withhold surveillance footage..." 
Fortunately for Mr. Perkins,  the venues used to make the Police Attorney's points were not shut down. 
My point is that Mr Perkins seems to be very selective in his "outrage".

Robbie Perkins is out for Robbie Perkins... Show him the money and he will first advocate against one's right to exist only to later embrace and revere some of the very individuals he set out to destroy. 

It is now rumored that Mr Perkins is currently forming strategic alliances with Trudy Wade and Phil Berger Sr and has now set his sights on the seat recently won by Mark Walker...
YES, Robbie Perkins thinks he should represent us in Congress.

Let's hope Mr. Perkins does not plan to run on integrity alone...


  1. ""Do not bleach, or tamper with, the crime scene...Do not hide victims in a closet... do not withhold surveillance footage..."

    Wasn't that the doings of Robbie's business partner Rocky Scarfone?

  2. Robbie + Phil + Trudy vs. Mark, huh? If I liked popcorn, I'd be making some.

  3. Billy, i believe the transcripts from the original Entertainment ordinance hearing anwer that very question... chief Miller 's presentation said it all...a PIRT may be in order.

  4. Lex, i will be seating next to you ... How delusional can one be? Robbie forgot he has a voting record to be judged by/ on.