Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rhino's new owner...Snap publications

Notice the address for Snap Publications

Monday, August 12, 2013


Come on...try and score the South Elm St site according these selection criteria from the GPAC website. What score do you get?

Walker and Dabney Sanders are really providing good coverage of our city...what a power couple indeed!

To the North... GPAC, Hotel, Park and $20,000,000 extra in land acquisition and infrastructure
To the South... GPOOP 

Something does not smell right here....I wonder what it could be...

Friday, August 9, 2013


No, I am not describing Action Greensboro's recent failed attempt at urban entertainment... i am describing what Cecelia  Thompson , Dyan Arkin, Action Greensboro and the Bryan foundation want to bring to my neighborhood...(no not the greenway either) 
Twelve years in the making, the All Star City Staff of the South Elm Street Redevelopment is now officially working on a "Pop up Dog-park" near The Mill at the corner of Lee Street and Elm...
I found this out on the same day that the city of Greensboro announced it "may" spend $7,800,000 to purchase land to accommodate the proposed GPAC. 

The South Elm Street site was once considered one of three finalists for some  GPAC love ...probably due to the facts that the city/redevelopment commission own 13 acres of land , adjacent to I40 and I85 twice (down Lee st on one side and down Elm Eugene on the other), approved and planned federally funded parking deck, infrastructure etc...

After the Ballpark fiasco, after the South Elm Street Redevelopment ongoing disappointments and delays, after the illusive University center and greenway...we are getting a Dog Park... and i was told "I should be happy about it"...

Thank You Action Greensboro? 

I should be happy that the city will not bring $ to my side of town because  "it is a little too far south" or " a little too dark", BUT i should be happy that we are getting a Pop Up Dog park...Really?

We did not get the "Pop Up Promenade" or the "Pop Up festival" but we are getting " the pop up Dog park... So we do not get white people to spend their money on my side of town , but we get the white people to bring their dogs to my side of town to take big shits. 

This is how Action Greensboro, Cecelia Thompson, Reggie Delahanty and Dyan Arkin really feel about my neighborhood... After all,  we are so used to being dumped on that we may not notice the difference.

Earlier this year the same players propose to use Bragg St to test painting techniques for February One "Pop Up Promenade"... I suggested they tried their experiment in front of Centerpointe instead.

I am not happy and I am not thrilled... 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Roy Carroll to become Publisher of The Rhino Times

Noise ordinance bedfellows are teaming up once more to spread the conservative word in our fair city.

It is rumored that Roy Carroll  invested a large amount of money in John Hammer's defunct publication and will assume the role of publisher...
Ed Cone is also rumored to join Roy Carroll's new team.

Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Nancy Hoffmann's utopia...

From left to right...Graham Sheridan ( Ms Hoffmann's  campaign manager/ future groom), Cecelia Thompson ( Head of Synergy/ Action Greensboro employee/ Young Professional/ future bride) , Nancy Hoffmann  (Downtown property Tycoon/ Councilwoman), Hellen Sheridan (mother of the groom and Ms Hoffmann's "interior decorator" and... Desmond Sheridan ( Isaacson, Isaacson , Sheridan, Fountain/ Nancy's lawyer/ groom's father).