Monday, December 30, 2013

Downtown PR

From today N&R...
“If you’re going to drive downtown, secure your valuables and don’t leave them in your car,” Cranford said. "

Thank You GPD ??? 

Certainly not due to lack of Police presence Downtown...

Friday, November 22, 2013

April Harris' new job...

Another non profit job for Ms Harris... rumors are that she will be replacing Margaret Arbukle as the executive Director for Guilford Education Alliance. 

I wonder how the Cecelia Thompson, Sam Funchess and April Harris of the world would fair in the real world where one has to compete for a job, manage budgets responsibly and be held accountable for his/her repeated failures.

Anyway, the Weaver foundations and another unnamed one have pulled out of Action Greensboro so the future is uncertain. 

The one thing that is almost a certainty is that neither Dabney Sanders, nor Cecelia Thompson will be getting a job in the for profit sector... 

WE, the taxpayers, are doomed to support both of them for a while.

Roch's got a point

Roch Smith Jr wrote an open letter to our new Mayor Ms Nancy Vaughan.
The letter is in Roch's unique style... Respectful, apropos and  well written...
It contains just enough unintentional condescendence that it could be considered patronizing but that is Roch 's way and should not overshadow his very valid points.

I look forward to Nancy Vaughan's leadership, and I agree that we have many economic development opportunities WITHIN our city limits and OUTSIDE of the hospitality industry.

Madame Mayor Elect must surround herself with pros. 
She needs a team that advocates and researches what Roch adequately suggests... 
She needs an aggressive and proactive team of economic development professionals... a team seeking appropriate employers domestically and internationally.
Our city needs individuals with the right education, professional background, integrity and balls...(and maybe a second language or two).

John Shoffner left because he was bypassed for a well deserved promotion. Politics dictated the hiring process and the city of Greensboro lost his most qualified economic development employee... he was honest, hard working and most of all competent.  

Bonne chance Madame Mayor or as Roch suggested 好运.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's up with April Harris?...what's up with Action Greensboro/ UPDATED

The details are still fuzzy but Jim Melvin apparently used his political influence to find April a new job. He will no longer have to pay her salary...WE will...
Welcome to the Guilford County Education System!

 April Harris...Fired? Not fired?... 
One thing is for sure, she will no longer head Action Greensboro.
Rumors are she will soon "pop up" elsewhere as she will be recycled in yet another non profit or government agency. 

Cecelia Thompson... Has been applying to many other non-profits in town...No success so far...Maybe Greensboro is evolving beyond tires full of grits. We'll see if her good friend Nancy Hoffmann helps out...a job at the city perhaps? 

All Dabney Sanders wants to know is "Who gets the Greenway?" 
That, is the $26,000,000 / 4 mile  question. 
Will Dabney remain in charge, or will it be absorbed by DGI? How will Walker react?
Isn't Dabney an independent contractor anyway?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Merde Alors ! A Pop Up Poop update

I spent the past seven years renovating the century old Flour Mill on South Elm St... 
A whole lot of sweat, a whole lot of blood, a whole lot of cash and I must admit a few tears as well...because i am sensitive like that.

A few weeks ago Action Greensboro's Cecelia Thompson announced the future opening of a dog park on the land adjacent to my building... could have been a cool idea except for two things... 
1- I had already informed Dyan Arkin (city Staffer) months before of my intentions of opening a dog park with a beer garden on my property, and ,
2- Action Greensboro was put in charge of it ... so chances are it will cost a ton of money and will be mediocre at best... remember the pop up promenade ? the 4 mile Greenway @ $6,000,000/mile? Have you noticed the elegant zip ties and paper signs around our Downtown? 

The dog park puzzled me as city resources and funds were being allocated without city council vote or approval... I have asked a few council members and none of the five i spoke with, remembered being involved in the decision... probably because...

"The Redevelopment Commission of Greensboro and the 

South Elm Development Group has allocated land for the 

creation of a Pop Up Dog Park at South Elm and Lee Streets 

at the Redevelopment Commission site." 

So city trucks and heavy equipment came, Reggie Delahantie  (City of Greensboro's Economic development)  came and waved his arms around a lot,  a chain link fence was rented, a chain link fence was installed, a water line was pulled (with copper piping) a back flow preventer was installed and a replica of refugee camp finally emerged... (could be useful to contain 400 rioting teens)
Action Greensboro 's leadership having their photo taken in front of its latest creation...from left to right Cecelia Thompson, April Harris and Judy (who happens to be one of my favorite individual)

I had a lot of questions and I then came across this little piece...

"Pop Up Dog Park FAQ
  • Dog(s)less than four (4) months of age
  • Female dog(s) in heat
  • Dogs with a known history of dangerous behavior
  • Visitors who taunt, tease, molest, or abuse ANY dog in the off-leash area or Park  
  • Dogs incapable of being controlled by their handler at all times while in the
  • off-leash area, and while entering and exiting the area.
  • Children eight(8) years of age and younger
  • More than three dogs per visitor 
  • Any animals other than dogs
  • Keep dogs leashed when entering and before exiting the off-leash area.
  • Remove choke, spike, pinch, prong, or collars that may injure other dogs BEFORE play is allowed.
  • Have ready access to the dog(s) leash at all times.
  • Remove animal from the off-leash area at the first sign of aggression.
Again, will there be an attendant?
How will the Dog Park be maintained?

Please leave the park in better condition and cleaner than you found it. Visitors should pick up after their own dogs, plus fill in any holes dug by their dog. (And encourage others to do so, too!)  Smoking, food, and glass containers are not permitted.
The City of Greensboro will provide trashcans, bags and weekly trash pickup."

OK, so will there be a permanent attendant to ensure compliance ... right?
What happens to large amounts of dog doodoo in the sun for a week? 
When Bob Chapman  (South Elm St Master Developer) once told me that he could bring the value of my property down...I laughed, as I was well aware of my surrounding at the time...I should have been aware of the Master Developer's secret ingredient... canine excrement!
Certainly could explain previous  projects...

All this time, the economic development incentive that was missing from my neighborhood was large amounts of dog shit to pile up for a week.

The missing ingredient to be worthy of the Baseball Stadium, the GPAC site, Kaplan's hotel or the higher education campus for sure!

When will the park be open?The Park will be open daily to the public from sunrise to sunset.

Will dogs be required to be vaccinated?All dogs must be legally vaccinated, wearing a visible dog vaccination tag.

Again, will there be an attendant?

Now for my favorite one...
"Visitors are responsible for any injury to animal or human caused by any dog toy, play object, or other item they have brought into the off leash area. No attendant will be on duty at the Dog Park. Users enter at their own risk."

 Someone surely will be responsible for any potential civil action resulting from injuries...Will it be Action Greensboro, The Bryan Foundation, the Redevelopment commission or us?

I am now seriously questioning Action Greensboro's reason for being and its unsupervised access to city staff...too often with unmemorable, unsatisfying and expensive results...


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Healthserve affects everyone...even you with the great health plan

If you think that closing Healthserve affects everyone but you, you are WRONG!

Emergency rooms are now seeing more Healthserve patients than ever, patients in need of medicine, patients with chronic illnesses, recently dismissed and now in need of urgent care. 

Today, in High Point, Cone Health had a minimum waiting time of SIX hours...
Healthserve patients were attending in record numbers as they had been without life sustaining care for a while now.

Your health coverage does not matter, your wealth does not matter... Healthserve patients in need of urgent care will get it... as they should.

Emergency rooms are now the new Healthserve because they are the only places left to treat the unabled and uninsured.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rhino's new owner...Snap publications

Notice the address for Snap Publications

Monday, August 12, 2013


Come on...try and score the South Elm St site according these selection criteria from the GPAC website. What score do you get?

Walker and Dabney Sanders are really providing good coverage of our city...what a power couple indeed!

To the North... GPAC, Hotel, Park and $20,000,000 extra in land acquisition and infrastructure
To the South... GPOOP 

Something does not smell right here....I wonder what it could be...

Friday, August 9, 2013


No, I am not describing Action Greensboro's recent failed attempt at urban entertainment... i am describing what Cecelia  Thompson , Dyan Arkin, Action Greensboro and the Bryan foundation want to bring to my neighborhood...(no not the greenway either) 
Twelve years in the making, the All Star City Staff of the South Elm Street Redevelopment is now officially working on a "Pop up Dog-park" near The Mill at the corner of Lee Street and Elm...
I found this out on the same day that the city of Greensboro announced it "may" spend $7,800,000 to purchase land to accommodate the proposed GPAC. 

The South Elm Street site was once considered one of three finalists for some  GPAC love ...probably due to the facts that the city/redevelopment commission own 13 acres of land , adjacent to I40 and I85 twice (down Lee st on one side and down Elm Eugene on the other), approved and planned federally funded parking deck, infrastructure etc...

After the Ballpark fiasco, after the South Elm Street Redevelopment ongoing disappointments and delays, after the illusive University center and greenway...we are getting a Dog Park... and i was told "I should be happy about it"...

Thank You Action Greensboro? 

I should be happy that the city will not bring $ to my side of town because  "it is a little too far south" or " a little too dark", BUT i should be happy that we are getting a Pop Up Dog park...Really?

We did not get the "Pop Up Promenade" or the "Pop Up festival" but we are getting " the pop up Dog park... So we do not get white people to spend their money on my side of town , but we get the white people to bring their dogs to my side of town to take big shits. 

This is how Action Greensboro, Cecelia Thompson, Reggie Delahanty and Dyan Arkin really feel about my neighborhood... After all,  we are so used to being dumped on that we may not notice the difference.

Earlier this year the same players propose to use Bragg St to test painting techniques for February One "Pop Up Promenade"... I suggested they tried their experiment in front of Centerpointe instead.

I am not happy and I am not thrilled... 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Roy Carroll to become Publisher of The Rhino Times

Noise ordinance bedfellows are teaming up once more to spread the conservative word in our fair city.

It is rumored that Roy Carroll  invested a large amount of money in John Hammer's defunct publication and will assume the role of publisher...
Ed Cone is also rumored to join Roy Carroll's new team.

Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Nancy Hoffmann's utopia...

From left to right...Graham Sheridan ( Ms Hoffmann's  campaign manager/ future groom), Cecelia Thompson ( Head of Synergy/ Action Greensboro employee/ Young Professional/ future bride) , Nancy Hoffmann  (Downtown property Tycoon/ Councilwoman), Hellen Sheridan (mother of the groom and Ms Hoffmann's "interior decorator" and... Desmond Sheridan ( Isaacson, Isaacson , Sheridan, Fountain/ Nancy's lawyer/ groom's father). 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Noise by Dummies?

Perhaps, the most telling videos are the ones coming up...they clearly show that :

1.  Roy should be ticketed as well and stop harassing our council members, our police dpt and our citizens...he should also move!
2. Theresa Yon should shut the fuck up once and for all and not send her husband  to do a man's job.
3. and judge for yourselves.

See you at the next council meeting when we revisit the noise ordinance ...yet again!

Noise for dummies...

I received a few videos with a brief paragraph describing that a few business owners had gotten together to try and understand what this new noise ordinance is really all about. 

Many Council Members had participated in noise readings throughout the past year and had established that the ambient noise in the downtown area typically registers around 72 db to 75 db using the A scale... And yet...last Tuesday night, they voted to reduce the acceptable decibel level to 65 db while using a new scale, the C scale (which is more "sensitive" and reduces the A scale by approximately 10 db so the new 65 db is really 55 db).

The results... anyone producing noise above  65 db using the C scale will be in violation of the ordinance...the violators will be ticketed, sued and eventually shut down.  

The business owners purchased the same equipment the GPD is using and had a staff member of A&T 's engineering dpt calibrate the unit for them. They are using the new scale for their measurements...the C Scale . ( I have not confirmed the credentials of the calibrator). 
Here is what they found...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Legislation vs evolution

From the N&R article today...

..."Simpson, who is white, said he sees parallels between the noise fight and emerging racial tension downtown. Both, he said, boil down to newcomers attracted to downtown but uncomfortable with what and who is already there...."

The two are related... Centerpointe residents are uncomfortable to have so many blacks so close to where they "live work and play". 
A Council member is even suggesting that some change their businesses to cater to a more "acceptable" clientele aka "young professionals" in order for the harassment to stop. 

Greensboro has not evolved, it is still a southern town full of racist white men and women...a DGI meeting a few years back at the Empire Room (to which the press was purposely not invited) illustrated my point...tar and feathers was all that was missing.

As long as we let affluence rule over content, we are doomed to resemble what Roy Carroll and Theresa Yon aspire to...and that is the mediocrity supported by council and  promoted by Action Greensboro and DGI... How many black people work at Action Greensboro? how Many Black People are on the board of DGI (not enough)? What is Roy Carroll's MWBE participation?

GPAC will not make the city whiter or safer...but it may contribute to make our city a little cooler, and cool does not need to be legislated as cool unites...
Cool relies on PSYCHOGRAPHICS not demographics. 
Cool exists and thrives in Downtown Greensboro...Green Bean, Crafted and Design Archives are proofs that cool works, and that we have it in us.

We, as a city, must stop treating black people as second class citizens, we must stop fearing them and blaming them for all our ailments, insecurities and economic failures. We must evolve so that maybe, one day, Greensboro can actually be known for something cool we have created or have become...and that is certainly what I aspire to!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

From Warsaw to Greensboro...

“I just feel that it’s the ghettoization of the youth of Greensboro,” Alex Seymour
Keith Holliday nails it...and he knows what it takes to run a city...he is simply not blinded by the "anything for Roy attitude"... Thank you Roy Carroll And Theresa Yon of Centerpointe for your fear of the black man keeps on bringing our city back to shameful moments in human history.

Next...noise ordinance to eliminate the slightly older blacks from Roy And Theresa' s neighborhood...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Momentum boys...and girl !

Apparently, you can apply and receive $200,000 from the city, obtain right of ways and permits, partner with a council member without ever writing an email or receiving one. 

This is the PIRT I submitted:
"...Please provide all correspondence and communications between -Momentum development partners and/or James Budd and/or Nick Piornack- and any and all city staff and council members from .January 2012 to present...."

This is what I received:
"...As requested the results of the search for PIRT 2548 based on the criteria provided in the email below, is as follows: 
PIRT 2548 –yielded 1 hit
 Using “James Budd”, “Nick Piornack”, and “Momentum Development” in the To/From field with dates between 1/1/2012 and present day, I only received one hit.
 We looked at the one result and it was junk mail. "


Friday, June 14, 2013

Black people are noisy and dangerous...

At least that is what Theresa Yon of Centerpointe seem to think... she does not want to see teens gathering at center city park...and feel unsafe walking to her high rise centerpointe condo with bad elements of danger all around .  

She has called the GPD repeatedly to complain about noise hoping to disperse the many colored folks circling the tower...she even suggested a new curfew during this week's district 3 meeting at Centerpointe attended by council members and city staff from planning and parks and rec. 

One attendee witnessed Theresa Yon's husband having to restrain her as she became more and more vehement and agitated...

Poor Theresa Yon...probably a product of her environment!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Aaaaaah Paris!

How do you say DUMBASS?

A CONNARD is what you are if you believe this tas de merde.

So we miss out on Dassault System as they decided to expand in Little Rock instead of here...maybe for good reasons...
"Our Service Center and Completion Center combined occupy nearly 1,000,000 total sq.ft., making Little Rock the largest Dassault facility in the world. " 

So what do we do?... we fly to Paris on taxpayers money.

Yes, Henry Issacson and Dan Lynch are now en route to Paris, because, if you can 't get them to like you here , might as well fly to Paris.  ( what do you think business class? with or without Mrs Isaacson?).

Contrary to popular thinking, the French do love the USA and they do love most Americans... what they don't love is pompous courtisans who want their business  but do not make the effort to relate or speak their language. What they don't like is a city with noise ordinance or curfews even with incentives. What they want is a minimum of culture, education and perspective (and i don t mean Milton Kern's or Roy Carroll's).

The point is that "Voulez vous coucher avec moi se soir? " may get you a smile, but will not get you Airbus! 

And in case you were questioning this silly trip...Don t worry Henry and his colleagues will have a "jam-packed schedule each day of the show". 
"The group will leave at 6 a.m. each morning before arriving at the show an hour later. The group will hold meetings all day before getting back to home base each night at 9 p.m."
...It is a full day every day...There’s no time for sightseeing.”

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Action Greensboro' s leaders make a run for it

It is no secret that Cecelia Thompson  (action greensboro, synergy, bryan foundation) wants her respect...she is determined to get it too...after all, she wrote a white paper,  directed "special projects"(???), made friends with Nancy Hoffmann, advocated for food trucks and painted a downtown street. 

Such achievements certainly makes her a qualified candidate to become DGI's new President and CEO...she certainly believes so as she applied for the job...
Her current boss (April Harris) also told a few individuals (in confidence) that she "wanted and deserved" the job.

My friend Christina also applied and would have been great...but, she may be way too cool for Greensboro...let's not go crazy here! 

Can t wait to see what world champion we get next.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guess who's buying three more buildings Downtown...UPDATED

Meet her new partners ... Close up here
Welcome to the neighborhood ?

UPDATE: 30 days into the 90 days Due Diligence period ... Nancy Hoffmann is referred to as "the silent equity partner" and no one is supposed to know... The three buildings belonged to Richard Rhynes. He was also the owner of Ms Hoffmann first downtown purchase.
Remind me to tell you a story about how Ms Hoffmann got introduced to all of these wonderful finds... it 's a good one!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Nous n'oublierons jamais!

You saved my birth country, you saved many family members.
Thank You Very Very Much!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Racism, civil rights and constitutional violations...thanks ROY CARROLL !

This is the story as reported by the news and record.

But we all know that This is not about the noise.

Here are a few more facts from the filed documents:

-Plaintiff  (city of Greensboro) encouraged and induced Greene Street to build the rooftop venue and made material representations to Greene Street that it would be permitted to utilize the rooftop for entertainment, music and other purposes.  Greene Street ...spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing, building and creating the rooftop venue.

-"... in or about November 2011, Roy Carroll moved into the penthouse of his condominium complex located at 201 North Elm Street in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina (“Center Pointe”)"

-"...Greensboro Mayor Perkins resided in Center Pointe...former City Attorney advised the then council member Perkins that he had a conflict of interest and should not vote on any matters involving Center Pointe. " 

-"...Mr. Carroll has an ownership interest have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Plaintiff (City of Greensboro.) "

-"...On November 28, 2011, Roy Carroll sent an email to the City’s Assistant Manager stating: “I would like for officers to be stationed in front of  Greene Street and monitor the noise for the next few Sunday nights.  If the police department does not have noise monitors, I will be glad to donate monitors to the department so they can enforce the ordinance."

-"...In 2011, at or near the time Roy Carroll moved into Center Pointe, Plaintiff, unconstitutionally and illegally, attempted to revoke a permit which had been lawfully issued for a tent structure on Defendant’s rooftop.  "

-"...the Noise Ordinance was passed solely for the purpose of appeasing Roy Carroll and at least one member of the City Council had a conflict and should not have voted on the ordinance.  Moreover, the Noise Ordinance is being applied unconstitutionally to limit free speech in violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution..."

-"...A Greensboro City Council member (Nancy Hoffman) who was involved in the enactment of the Noise Ordinance  was quoted in the paper Yes! Weekly as suggesting that the type of music be changed to attract “young professionals” and, upon information and belief, this council member further stated that middle-age and young professionals would be a “prime business target” to make money and could help Defendants avoid violating the Noise Ordinance.   Moreover, another City Council member stated in reference to this case “I think it is a First Amendment issue so maybe the way to address it is through the volume.”  

-"...Greensboro Police Chief Miller, pursuant to the Noise Ordinance (Sec. 18-55),  is primarily responsible for enforcement of the Noise Ordinance.  Moreover, Chief Miller is person who handles all appeals of any Noise Ordinance citations.   However, as set forth below and herein, Chief Miller, upon information and belief, was and is biased against Defendants and appears to disregard the constitutional right of a presumption of innocence.  
Moreover, upon information and belief, Chief Miller is involved in unlawful and unconstitutional conduct designed to interfere with and cause Defendants damage and harm.  For example, on December 9, 2011, Chief Miller sent an email to the Assistant City Manager of Greensboro stating:"

"Just FYI. Roy has moved into his own building.  We’ll figure it all out, but I am inclined to start citing Greene Street each time we get a complaint, as the rooftop bar music can create a real problem and they can always manipulate the volume prior to our arrival if someone is listening on a police scanner.  (emphasis added)"

-"...On October 13, 2012, Greene Street was rented for a wedding reception with a live band on the rooftop.   Greensboro Police Department, however, forced Greene Street to close down the wedding reception between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m., prior to the 11:00 p.m. cutoff for amplified voices under the Noise Ordinance.  The Greensboro Police Department essentially “raided” the rooftop despite the fact that there was no violation of the Noise Ordinance.  Most of the people attending the wedding reception were African-American and the Greensboro Police Department had full knowledge of such and that their wedding day was a very important day for that family."

-"...On one evening in 2012, a Greensboro Police Officer displayed and assembled an assault rifle directly across from the Greene Street Club on the hood of the patrol car in a fashion which was plainly visible to patrons and employees of Greene Street".

-"...In late December 2012 or early January 2013, a Greensboro Police Officer, in direct violation of the United States Constitution and other laws, instructed a Greene Street employee that Greene Street was prohibited from playing a Ce Lo Greene song because it contained language which the officer believed would be objectionable to Roy Carroll."

-"...On Sunday, January 6, 2013, seven police cars were parked 3 abreast blocking a portion of Greene Street and intimidating patrons for no lawful or other reason except to, upon information and belief, interfere with Greene Street’s business."

-"...Greensboro Police Officers have advised Greene Street employees that they have been instructed by Chief Miller and/or agents of the Plaintiff to take random decibel readings of Greene Street even without complaints, and acknowledge that they have received no such instructions to do so with other establishments. "

 to the lack of police help the following night? Police rush in for 1 girl, yet following night GS security needed help & police refused to enter building.

-"...Upon information and belief, Police Chief Miller has made statements that he wants to close Greene Street.  Moreover, Greene Street employees have been advised that Chief Miller has attempted to have Greene Street’s liquor license revoked. "

-"... information and belief, the primary and motivating reason why Plaintiff amended its Noise Ordinance on April 16, 2012 was to create a mechanism to interfere with the business of and close Greene Street.  Upon information and belief, Plaintiff is attempting to appease Roy Carroll who, upon information and belief, has financial and business arrangements with at least one of the Greensboro City Council members. "

 "Defendants, and many of their patrons, are being unlawfully discriminated against by the Plaintiff (the city of Greensboro) and such unlawful discrimination by the Plaintiff is intentional.  "

Roy Carroll's influence on our elected officials is unhealthy and frightening.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Young professionals are learning from the best...

Before I start, keep in mind that Center City park is a PRIVATE park that belongs to two of the WEALTHIEST local foundations...the Bryan Foundation and the Community Foundation.

The previous chart is part of a memo from Action Greensboro's April Harris explaining how she spends our tax payer's monies on this PRIVATE park. 

Not to be left unfed, the ACTION GREENSBORO hogs are also coming to the trough and also takes a management fee out of our money to manage their private park.

$150,000  out of the total $350,000 comes from the BID tax paid for by downtown property owners. 
So DGI pays $150,000 to Action Greensboro who takes out a management fee and in turn pays Grassroots Productions.  

In summary,  Betty Cone allocates our tax money to Action Greensboro who passes same tax money back to Betty Cone's Grassroots Productions...mind you no one knows of Betty Cone's current IRS status and yet she still gets fed...exclusively...with no RFP and no consequences!. 

The Community Foundation is currently also doing some unconventional accounting procedure on behalf of Grassroots productions.  Did I mention that the head of the Community Foundation is also the husband of the Action Greensboro Greenway project manager?
Such incestuous, convoluted relationships are simply not healthy for our city.

I believe it may be time to see how the Downtown Greenway  spends our $6,000,000/mile. How much are we paying in management fees on that one?

These benevolent non profit thieves are now educating the next crop of younger professionals...we must be in good hands.

Friday, May 17, 2013

ELECTION ISSUE ALERT- Roy Carroll bought himself an encore...

From the DGI's environment report to the board:

"·      The court cases against two Downtown nightclubs that had amassed three violations of the noise ordinance within a one-year period remain in progress.  Dates for the hearing are not yet available.
·      City Council will be revisiting the noise ordinance within the next 60 days.  Although the ordinance was updated last year, problems persist and the City will examine additional refinements.
It should read:  Although the ordinance was updated last year... Roy Carroll did not get his way, so he is buying himself another round at the expense of the community.

So here we are...again... What a farce!
It is my opinion that Roy Carroll should close his windows, move to the countryside or go fuck himself... Enough is enough!

It is certain that the soundproofing of the Centerpointe building is inadequate. Should the whole city pay for Roy Carroll's inadequate sound proofing of his building? 
Should the whole city suffer because Roy Carroll moved into his penthouse.

In an Email dated December 9, 2011, Chief Miller stated:
“Roy has just moved into his own building.  We’ll figure it all out, but I am inclined to start citing Greene Street each time we get a complaint..."

    A friend suggested last night that there should be soundproofing standards mandated for all  building renovations or construction within the Central business district. 
   I agree!  Let's get a new soundproofing ordinance passed. 

   This is not simply about the noise, this is about the way our city does business and it is not the way it should be.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The DGI gods must be angry...

or is it just Milton Kern, and does he speak for DGI as an executive board member? 

I guess we will read about it tomorrow...  Allen Johnson will probably feel like Milton on Viagra.

It may be time for this passé angry old man to retire and purchase a couple of bathtubs facing the ocean.

Side note: Who paid the $1,600 for Milton Kern to travel to Alabama to represent us as one of our "city leaders"? 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yo! lame N&R editor

Stop deleting Mayoral candidate George Hartzman's comments, or do your job...investigate and prove him wrong once and for all.  

President AND CEO?

We certainly need all the titles  we can get...would the candidate get less respect or be less efficient as a President or director? 

Can't wait to see what magnificent specimen Betty Cone picks for us...

FACT: Edwin used to be very upset if one of the titles were left out of any correspondence...he particularly resented being referred to as DGI's executive director.

Friday, April 26, 2013


“It was everyone from the head of Triad Stage to City Council and bankers,” said Cecelia Thompson, director of projects for Action Greensboro, who went on the trip. “It was a diverse group.”

Walker Sanders, Susan Schwartz, Milton Kern, CeceliaThompson.... We must be in good hands.

I am sure it was essential , fun, exciting and above all...educational.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grassroots productions, the community foundation and the city

Billy Jones posted this update. They have no shame or decency as this is IN YOUR FACE absurd...Grassroots should not be allowed to do business with the city. 

Even if we overlook Grassroots production's non apologetic and arrogant is harder to ignore that Betty' s events kinda suck ... And yes many other entities could do better if given the chance. RFP, RFP, RFP...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Downtown Greensboro Metaphor

Dirty water will remain dirty, no matter how much clean water you mix in...

Replace the dirty DGI board now!

Friday, April 19, 2013

It's a revamping alright...proper!

So instead of dismissing Betty Cone (and Milton Kern, and Michael Shiftan and Susan Schwartz) from the DGI'executive board and banning her from doing business with the city of Greensboro (for all the right reasons), our civic leaders have decided to include her in the search process for the new patsy. 

Michael Shiftan, who aspires to expand DGI, will also be part of the search... Dang!

So the greedy, retaliatory individuals who fucked it all up to begin with, are now going to stay on and do it all over again...Dang!

I can't wait to find out what role Milton Kern and Susan Schwartz will be playing... 

Feels like a shower scene from the state penitentiary.