Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cyndy Hayworth... Perfect Palliative Perpetuation !

1. Cyndy Hayworth privately advocated with numerous, past and present council members, to defund the International Civil Rights Museum. Important to note that DGI receives more public monies than the ICRM, and more importantly, DGI is a 501c3, and as such, is not supposed to engage in poltics or any political agenda. DGI is also supposed to be promoting Downtown Greensboro...not advocate for the obsolescence of our cultural heritage.

2. Cyndy Hayworth is on the board of adjustments and therefore can use her influence to deny the appeals of the many that DGI does not want downtown...Considering her stance on the ICRM and DGI 's aversion to diversity, i will leave the existing conflicts up to your imagination...

I no longer want my tax dollars to support the bigoted, conflicted and idiotic organization that DGI embodies.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cyndy Hayworthless ?

A few weeks into her new job, Cyndy Hayworth is already showing signs that she was the right individual for the job...She embodies the deceit and mediocrity we grew accustomed to from DGI, and is, as unimaginative as her predecessors.  

Her inflated sense of self is also in line with most who came before her and currently pretend to "lead" us.
To her credit, the 65 year old Debutante, fits quite well within the current DGI leadership whose average age is close to 70 ( SEVENTY)... not bad for a town with seven colleges  ... Along with a $179,000 useless streetscape plan, DGI can now also buy a groupon for multiple AARP memberships.  Worth noting i am no young'un myself.  Age is ultimately irrelevant up until it becomes relevant contextually!

But Cyndy is not not only out of touch, she is also simply bad for Downtown! ...
I personally heard her tell one of our council member something along the line that if " council gave the civil rights museum one more cent... she would make sure he did not get  re-elected"... Bold, especially considering that tax payers have been funding her lifestyle and her employers for quite some time now!

The problems with Ms Hayworth are many, but the most problematic one may very well be her other position as the vice chair of the board of adjustment "a quasi-judicial body responsible for hearing and deciding appeals, variance requests, special exceptions, and interpretations of the zoning regulations. In doing this, the board is charged with upholding the purpose and intent of the development ordinance when there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships that result from carrying out the strict letter of the law. 

Indulge me for a minute...
 if Dianne Ziegler of the Downtown Resident Association ( also on the DGI executive committee)  decides that the clubs next door make too much noise, she could decide to fabricate another mass hysteria and manipulate others  to lobby council to create another selective ordinance destined to keep her neighborhood White and quiet....now, considering DGI ' s ongoing aversion to diversity,  the club could find themselves having to appeal their socially engineered affliction to none other than Ms Hayworth, whose bosses are actually at the root of the bigotry.

In summary, DGI no longer cleans our downtown streets or maintains our private park...yet, DGI posts $549,000 in salary and operating expenses paired with only $372,000 in Bid tax revenue... I simply do not comprehend why our city leaders (especially the conservative ones) insist on pumping this dry well.