Friday, November 22, 2013

April Harris' new job...

Another non profit job for Ms Harris... rumors are that she will be replacing Margaret Arbukle as the executive Director for Guilford Education Alliance. 

I wonder how the Cecelia Thompson, Sam Funchess and April Harris of the world would fair in the real world where one has to compete for a job, manage budgets responsibly and be held accountable for his/her repeated failures.

Anyway, the Weaver foundations and another unnamed one have pulled out of Action Greensboro so the future is uncertain. 

The one thing that is almost a certainty is that neither Dabney Sanders, nor Cecelia Thompson will be getting a job in the for profit sector... 

WE, the taxpayers, are doomed to support both of them for a while.

Roch's got a point

Roch Smith Jr wrote an open letter to our new Mayor Ms Nancy Vaughan.
The letter is in Roch's unique style... Respectful, apropos and  well written...
It contains just enough unintentional condescendence that it could be considered patronizing but that is Roch 's way and should not overshadow his very valid points.

I look forward to Nancy Vaughan's leadership, and I agree that we have many economic development opportunities WITHIN our city limits and OUTSIDE of the hospitality industry.

Madame Mayor Elect must surround herself with pros. 
She needs a team that advocates and researches what Roch adequately suggests... 
She needs an aggressive and proactive team of economic development professionals... a team seeking appropriate employers domestically and internationally.
Our city needs individuals with the right education, professional background, integrity and balls...(and maybe a second language or two).

John Shoffner left because he was bypassed for a well deserved promotion. Politics dictated the hiring process and the city of Greensboro lost his most qualified economic development employee... he was honest, hard working and most of all competent.  

Bonne chance Madame Mayor or as Roch suggested 好运.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's up with April Harris?...what's up with Action Greensboro/ UPDATED

The details are still fuzzy but Jim Melvin apparently used his political influence to find April a new job. He will no longer have to pay her salary...WE will...
Welcome to the Guilford County Education System!

 April Harris...Fired? Not fired?... 
One thing is for sure, she will no longer head Action Greensboro.
Rumors are she will soon "pop up" elsewhere as she will be recycled in yet another non profit or government agency. 

Cecelia Thompson... Has been applying to many other non-profits in town...No success so far...Maybe Greensboro is evolving beyond tires full of grits. We'll see if her good friend Nancy Hoffmann helps out...a job at the city perhaps? 

All Dabney Sanders wants to know is "Who gets the Greenway?" 
That, is the $26,000,000 / 4 mile  question. 
Will Dabney remain in charge, or will it be absorbed by DGI? How will Walker react?
Isn't Dabney an independent contractor anyway?