Sunday, December 28, 2014

DGI...If i were in charge

If i were in charge, I would be significantly older, whiter and more entitled. 

If i were in charge,  I would look at the make up of our city and i would apply it to the make up of the board. 
I would eliminate all non profits from the board as they provide little value or perspective due to their own dependence on the public trough.

Second,  i would split the provenance of board members based upon the source of funds...if 50 % of the funds come fom the general funds, then 50% of board members should come fom outside the BID. 

Third,  i would apply the city' s demographic makeup to the composition of the board...
White members should not exceed 43%, Black members should equal  41% and Latinos should  represent at least 8%, Asian 5% etc...

Fourth,  age should matter! A Seventy year old angry antique dealer aspires to a very different Downtown than a 25 year old A&T graduate.  We have 38,000+ college students in our city, maybe we should have more than one on the board.

One final observation... Last year's implementation of term limits was long overdue. Bylaws should not be flexible when convenient...even if it is to keep a "friend of ours" on.