Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Momentum boys...and girl !

Apparently, you can apply and receive $200,000 from the city, obtain right of ways and permits, partner with a council member without ever writing an email or receiving one. 

This is the PIRT I submitted:
"...Please provide all correspondence and communications between -Momentum development partners and/or James Budd and/or Nick Piornack- and any and all city staff and council members from .January 2012 to present...."

This is what I received:
"...As requested the results of the search for PIRT 2548 based on the criteria provided in the email below, is as follows: 
PIRT 2548 –yielded 1 hit
 Using “James Budd”, “Nick Piornack”, and “Momentum Development” in the To/From field with dates between 1/1/2012 and present day, I only received one hit.
 We looked at the one result and it was junk mail. "


Friday, June 14, 2013

Black people are noisy and dangerous...

At least that is what Theresa Yon of Centerpointe seem to think... she does not want to see teens gathering at center city park...and feel unsafe walking to her high rise centerpointe condo with bad elements of danger all around .  

She has called the GPD repeatedly to complain about noise hoping to disperse the many colored folks circling the tower...she even suggested a new curfew during this week's district 3 meeting at Centerpointe attended by council members and city staff from planning and parks and rec. 

One attendee witnessed Theresa Yon's husband having to restrain her as she became more and more vehement and agitated...

Poor Theresa Yon...probably a product of her environment!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Aaaaaah Paris!

How do you say DUMBASS?

A CONNARD is what you are if you believe this tas de merde.

So we miss out on Dassault System as they decided to expand in Little Rock instead of here...maybe for good reasons...
"Our Service Center and Completion Center combined occupy nearly 1,000,000 total sq.ft., making Little Rock the largest Dassault facility in the world. " 

So what do we do?... we fly to Paris on taxpayers money.

Yes, Henry Issacson and Dan Lynch are now en route to Paris, because, if you can 't get them to like you here , might as well fly to Paris.  ( what do you think business class? with or without Mrs Isaacson?).

Contrary to popular thinking, the French do love the USA and they do love most Americans... what they don't love is pompous courtisans who want their business  but do not make the effort to relate or speak their language. What they don't like is a city with noise ordinance or curfews even with incentives. What they want is a minimum of culture, education and perspective (and i don t mean Milton Kern's or Roy Carroll's).

The point is that "Voulez vous coucher avec moi se soir? " may get you a smile, but will not get you Airbus! 

And in case you were questioning this silly trip...Don t worry Henry and his colleagues will have a "jam-packed schedule each day of the show". 
"The group will leave at 6 a.m. each morning before arriving at the show an hour later. The group will hold meetings all day before getting back to home base each night at 9 p.m."
...It is a full day every day...There’s no time for sightseeing.”

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Action Greensboro' s leaders make a run for it

It is no secret that Cecelia Thompson  (action greensboro, synergy, bryan foundation) wants her respect...she is determined to get it too...after all, she wrote a white paper,  directed "special projects"(???), made friends with Nancy Hoffmann, advocated for food trucks and painted a downtown street. 

Such achievements certainly makes her a qualified candidate to become DGI's new President and CEO...she certainly believes so as she applied for the job...
Her current boss (April Harris) also told a few individuals (in confidence) that she "wanted and deserved" the job.

My friend Christina also applied and would have been great...but, she may be way too cool for Greensboro...let's not go crazy here! 

Can t wait to see what world champion we get next.