Thursday, May 29, 2014

Public monies and public records

Ben Holder broke this today. 

This is what bothers me with the story...

At least one council member was not aware of this event even taking place, and yet, Action Greensboro was involved in every intimate detail of the deal... 

Cecelia Thompson of Action Greensboro contacted a caterer and a small business owner to arrange free food and free furniture to furnish Nancy Hoffmann's loft and feed our municipal guests. 

Why would this economic development party be a secret? 

Why is it appropriate to entertain a potential large employer in a council member's private apartment  still under construction?

Why would a publicly subsidized non profit arrange such event without staff's input?

Why would a private residence without  general assembly occupancy  be a good spot to entice a large potential employer ?

Each time Action Greensboro is involved we seem to get suckered into a bad deal... a few examples come to mind... 

- The $26,000,000/ 4 mile Greenway ... Yes, that is over $6,000,000/mile .
- The privately owned  Center City park we pay $250,000+/yr to maintain .
- The $16,000 + dog park 
The young professionals for Nancy Hoffmann

Even DGI, under its new leadership has improved its policies in order to address transparency and accommodate most Public Information requests.  Go Jason!!!

I believe it is time to demand that any entity receiving public funds be subjected to public information record laws. 

Why would anyone have a problem with that? 
Really...I am asking...why?