Sunday, January 24, 2016

Guess who?

DGI's new board members were attending their first meeting last Thursday... So predictable!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dirty, Filthy...Shameful!

After 9 months of fighting one of the largest law firm in the state, the city's legal department and some city staffers, le maitre chien is now trying to rob me of my day in court in front of a jury of my peers...The same dog handler also denied me access to all my elected officials by scaring them into submission... all why I am still paying my taxes and therefore part of the city's legal bill.

After withdrawing one motion to dismiss and after being denied another one, the desperately manipulative  city of Greensboro's attorney and its pack of rabid dogs are now trying to manipulate the system one more time so that I can never have my day in court!

My trial date has been set for February 8th in front of a jury... Now, the city filed a motion for "Summary Judgment" where they are asking a judge to decide, therefore bypassing a jury trial altogether. 

They have asked for the hearing to take place on February 2nd... 6 days before I am scheduled to go to trial.

If they were so sure of themselves, then why not go in front of a jury... the answer is obvious but yet our council allows this shameful process to take place. 

While I would accept a jury's decision regardless of the outcome, I will not accept to be victimized one more time by deceptive maneuvers. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tactics and Technicalities

As many of you know, I sued the city of Greensboro back in May 2015 for basically having received monies for remediation and rehabilitation of the South Elm Street redevelopment area using my property as the flagship property for the project. Not only were no monies ever spent on my project, i was instead subjected to sabotage and harassment by some city staffers....most notably, manipulative liar Andy Scott.
To date, i am the only entity contributing to the tax base of the South Elm Street Redevelopment Area.

After many motions and legal maneuvers, the city' s second motion to dismiss my case was denied by the judge and the city was ordered to provide documents it had unlawfully withheld for months...the documents withheld were basic documents that should have been easily obtained through a Public information request such as: where did you get the money and how did you spend it?...

On Tuesday January 5th 2016 at 4:54 PM, the city s legal staff and its pack of rabid dogs from the Smith Moore Kennel, dumped 2,500 pages of documents onto my attorney's lap.

On Wednesday January 6th at 10:00 AM, I was deposed by the dogs for approximately 6 hours...during the deposition , the alpha dog must have asked me the same question about 40 times...specifically "which contracts and monies did i think the city received using my property "... The answer was the same 40 times...something along the lines, "I only know of a few applications and contracts but since you refused to provide me with information pertaining to all monies obtained, it is impossible for me to answer truthfully or intelligently..."

On Thursday January 7th, while we were attendng another deposition of a city staffer, we were served with a motion to compel stating that my answer were evasive and that the judge must order me to tell them about contracts and agreements I have not had a chance to look through yet...especially since, again, 2500 pages were delivered at 4:54 PM the day before my deposition @10:00 AM.

You must keep in mind, that I work for a living and that I have an attorney who is, for all intents and purposes, a " one man show"... So you are looking at two individuals against the city 's entire legal staff and a kennel of about 50 seasoned attorneys and paralegals. So, while we are spending our money, the city is spending yours ( and mine)...while we are being deposed, the kennel is filing motions that are impossible to comply-with under any reasonable or fair conditions....

To date, the city is also refusing to say how much it is spending on canine legal fees , but i am sure it is a small fortune as they are determined to teach me a lesson.

Tactics and Technicalities ...our city's elected officials must be proud!


It's been a while...sorry!

A lot has happened and a lot needs to be told but I will save the mundane details for later, but, believe me, the story rivals some of the best telenovelas.

One chapter alone will be devoted to how the Mayor of my city hired my ex girlfriend's current husband to represent her, even though she was already being represented by the city's entire legal staff and one of the most prominent law firm in the region...

Anyway, I will get back to that story later on. Right now, I want to write about ...wait for it...DGI!

DGI which could now stand for "Drunk Guy Inside" and remains a very sad story altogether.

As many of you know, the NC legislature passed a new law which now forces the city's leadership to open Downtown Greensboro's management to other potential suitors.

Amen, Bravo, Thank You Ms Wade... Thank you very much!!!

DGI knew this was coming and what does Zack Matheny do?...  he rushes to sign a lease with one of its board member. 
DGI, still clueless and still self absorbed is now in extreme hurry to move from an office that it has no reasons to move out of.

How indecent and how irresponsible is it for an organization which may not be in existence in 5 months to sign a long term lease now and commit taxpayers to pay for it long term?

This action illustrates clearly how selfish, arrogant and irrelevant DGI remains... DGI's leader may be "talkin" about  Downtown Greensboro until 3 in the morning , but he does not give two fucks about it... and this my friends is exactly why Zack Matheny needs to go and why DGI needs to be replaced!