Thursday, April 30, 2015

Can somebody please...

please explain to me why DGI is allowed to remain at the helm of our Downtown...why can' t the city cancel the contract WITH CAUSE immediately?

DGI has not fulfilled its contract WTF people?  15 years of abuse is enough!

The N&R agrees, The Rhino Agrees, YES Weekly agrees...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This is what DGI presented yesterday...worth noting that DGI had NOTHING to do with any of these initiatives...


There are a few things I despise more than DGI as an organization, and that would be some of DGI's "leaders"...

As Dawn Chaney is going into full damage control mode after yesterday embarrassing budget presentation, i started reviewing a few of DGI's deceptive claims. 

DGI claimed credit for everything they had nothing to do of DGI's claim was the preservation of the Cascade Saloon (we'll see how that one turns out)...

If my memory serves me right, I can remember Gary Brame (DGI Chairman of the board) going to council as a speaker AGAINST the preservation of the Cascade Saloon...There is video evidence out there...

In the interim here is some interesting information from a N&R article..."The South End merchants I talked to think the city should stop putting off a decision and tear down the building. They feel the South End has great vigor and life and the old abandoned building detracts from that vitality.Gary Brame, owner of Jules Antiques & Fine Art, thinks the city should create a minipark or garden on the site..."

I am certain that most council members will be contacted today in hope for an audience. I can only hope that our elected officials love Downtown Greensboro as much as i do because Downtown Greensboro could do so much better!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gary's angels

With friends like that, downtown Greensboro does not needs enemies...

DGI budget presentation!

So I just left the Greensboro city council 's work session during which DGI attempted to present its budget for the upcoming fiscal year...two words, the first one is cluster...

Cyndy Hayworth did her best to present the unpresentable and looked uncomfortable and surprised during most of the meeting... perhaps it was a genuine surprise that council did not appear impressed, or perhaps it was a Botox reaction... either way, all could feel Cyndy's discomfort and DGI 's undeniable lack of relevance. 

Dawn Chaney did her best John Wayne impression when stepping to the podium to save the day, but no saving took place...bless her little heart, she tried!..
She went as far as joking with each and every council member prior to the meeting hoping for an easy A, but council was not amused. 

DGI tried all it could...taking credit for everything... from the Cascade Saloon, to the Union Square campus... even claiming all of the downtown breweries as their own accomplishment. 
Last but not least, DGI decided it was also responsible for 300 additional jobs in our center city.

A trembling Gary Brame thought it was a public hearing and interrupted repeatedly to add nothing of value. The only valuable statement was that "DGI was going to go back to its old ways of doing things".

Gary was visibly upset. I cannot recount all the lies and misinformation DGI attempted to pass by our elected officials, but a brief review of the minutes will address that later.

One notable lie was that all severances take place during the year of termination...not true as Ed Wolverton received additional severance only a few months ago. $12,000 additional to be exact!

Hoffmann seemed to be only one impressed with DGI's performance... nuff said!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

DGI must die!

I refuse to further recognize DGI as the legitimate entity to manage Downtown Greensboro!

I refuse to pay my taxes to an organization that does not represent me but instead promotes what I despise...bigotry, mediocrity and stupidity!

If DGI evolved in the real world, it would have gone  bankrupt many years ago. 

Tuesday is the day DGI presents its budget to council... Tuesday is the day that some of our elected officials will have to explain themselves to their constituency...

Sharon, how can you, at the same time, preach MWBE and support DGI when its current leadership advocates for the demise of the ICRCM?

Marikay, you stand for right so how could you support something so wrong?

Tony, i appreciate your willingness to question the questionable. After Tuesday, we may have to enlist additional support to end the farce that DGI has become once and for all.

Zack, well , you may lead something downtown some day but it won t be as the president and CEO of DGI.

Madame Mayor, thank you for your leadership on this divisive issue and for your willingness to liberate our center city form the grasp of mediocrity and idiocy currently known as DGI.

Madame Johnson, i know you know it is time...i could see it in your eyes last week.

Mike, Please use your legal background and assist Tom on how to best move forward keeping the BID together for now..Cyndy screwed you royally or maybe you screwed yourself...either way, DGI should be done...Cyndy Hayworth and Gary Brame do not give two f&$@s about downtown and their actions were innapropriate.

Jamal, you know better..

And finally hoffmann, you make me almost hope for sb36, keep supporting DGI and lying on its behalf...i promise you that noone is surprised by what you do anymore...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Theresa yon...pubic figure or not ?

Let s see...

Theresa Yon just got selected as the new treasurer of the NC republican party...

Theresa Yon has told more than a few people about her intentions to run for city council potential new District 7...

Theresa Yon miserably failed an NC house run a few years back...

Theresa Yon and her husband Glen Romano call 911 regularly to complain about noise... Noise! Theresa Yon seems to have no problem tying up valuable resources for her comfort while real emergencies go unattended.

Theresa Yon was on the DGI board up until today...

Safe to say that Theresa Yon is very very public!

Hayworth...serial snake?

Alright you all journalists and reporters... It seems that Ms Hayworthless lost her innocence a while back as rumors are now surfacing that she screwed over the previous CEO or Junior Achievements by getting her fired... This happened while Ms Hayworthless was a JA board member.

It has been reported by another JA board member that Hayworthless then got the JA Chair to appoint her as the new CEO.

She seems well versed in creating drama to eliminate the competition...of course we are still awaiting Mr Carroll' s confirmation that Hayworthless met with him in his office to obtain his support for the DGI CEO job.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A simple question for Mr Roy Carroll...

Dear Mr Carroll, did Cyndy Hayworth come to your office and ask for your support for DGI's CEO position even though she did not have the required qualifications?

Thank You.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hayworthless...even worse than anyone could have imagined...

Cyndy Haywortless of DGI, the interim President and CEO ( even though she does not have the required education or competencies), is an even bigger snake that anyone thought...even her friends!

This political animal wants the DGI job so badly that she will stop at nothing to get it! Ask Roy Carroll or Allen Johnson...

Her manipulative ways are disgusting yet illustrative of the way DGI goes about business.  After ignoring all other local publications, Hayworthless and her equally mediocre boss Gary Brame sat down with the N&R for a " let s get Hayworth the job she wants while we trash the city that funds us"  interview.

Stupid move if you ask me, but not surprising as neither of them is very bright!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Theresa Yon...please leave it, because obviously you don't love it!

11:12 PM on  Wednesday  April  8th... 911 received a distress call from Theresa Yon's special husband Glen Romano...  Was her life in danger? Was she choking on a beignet?  Did someone see the "made in China" tag on her "Chanel"?

NOPE... She heard noise emanating from the street 14 floors on  the sidewalk leaving a music venue.

Theresa Yon... 911 is for emergencies only! There are other hotlines for your condition.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Opportunistic racism - A 501 C3

Bob lamar- the head of the Southside home owners association-  ironically located on MLK boulevard, yesterday grossly  misreported a conversation he had with GPD's Captain Barnes.

Dianne Ziegler- founder of the downtown resident association Greensboro (DRAG)  has repeatedly harrassesd council members about her self imposed  predicament of moving in between two night clubs...

DGI has supported many politically correct initiatives to " lighten things up" without being too obvious.

Ms Ziegler managed to obtain a permanent DGI board position for her organization DRAG...Ms Ziegler  now sits on DGI 's executive committee.

Gary  Brame, the chairman of the DGI board, an organization supposed to,support and promote downtown Greensboro had this to say about Lamar's fear mongering...

"From: Gary Brame <>
Date: Friday, April 3, 2015
Subject: Saturday Night

Thanks Bob. Appreciate the heads up."

We already knew that marketing was not one of DGI s core competence but maybe opportunistic racism is!

Friday, April 3, 2015


Hide your daughters, hide your wives...the Blacks are coming!!!

The following fear mongering email was sent to the predominantly white Southside homeowners association... Courtesy of your Greensboro Police Dpt and Bob Lamar  NOT ( as previously reported ) from Diane Ziegler of the Downtown Resident Association  and DGI s executive committee.

From: Bob Lamar <>
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2015
Subject: Saturday Night

"I was asked by Captain Barnes (Central Division Commanding Officer) to warn you about Saturday night.

Lotus has a popular rapper coming (Yo Gotti). So there will be a lot more traffic on South Elm.  

He advises that when this performer performed in Charlotte recently there were fights and a shooting.

He has doubled the Lewis Street police presence to twelve officers, and has required Lotus to hire 6 police officers to handle the interior and immediate surroundings.

ABC officers will be there as well.

He has agreed to send officers routinely down Lewis to Southside Square to keep an eye on those leaving the club. He is also asking officers to monitor behavior in the alley next to Lotus where a lot of beer is drunk at cheap prices, and things get out of hand. This will continue in the coming months.

He asked that all residents who hear a disturbance this weekend, or any time, to call 911, even if you aren’t sure a crime is being committed. But he warns that today’s club-goers are not intimidated by police presence. Fights frequently break out with a policeman standing right next to the fighters!"

 My apologies to Chief Scott as it becomes clear that Bob Lamar and others have had some creative embellishment of the original conversation. Chief Scott decided to add police presence for all of downtown as the weather is warmer and downtown's attendance is increasing. He never targeted Lotus as Lying Lamar reported. 
Obviously we should only believe official Police communiqu├ęs not Lamar's intentional racist fear mongering. Also 911 is for life threatening events and emergencies....if you see a black man downtown, DO NOT call 911.. It s ok!