Friday, June 27, 2014

Dangerous curves?

Mr. Brown, could you contact the stucco sub-contractor used for the Aquatic Center and ask him to please come back and fix the curves adorning the facade of your jewel.

Nothing smooth or sexy about these curves?

While some may accurately and appropriately think that we have more important issues than jagged curves on our landmarks, I believe their acceptance says something about our city...

We keep pretending to be something we are not... In our desire to belong, we pay for, we accept and we celebrate the mediocrity we are often provided with!

The truth is that we spend very large amounts of funds on projects that should really cost us a fraction of budgeted amounts...worst yet, the finished projects are too often anticlimactic.

The Greenway should never cost $26,000,000 or $52,000,000 for 4 miles of trails unless it was in Qatar and paved with gold..
A Gazebo should never cost $250,000 unless it was commissioned by "Action Dubai"...
The GPAC could be more elegant, tasteful and acoustically advanced for half the current price tag.

Just like our city's favorite developers, Greensboro's Nouveau Riche approach to urbanism lacks elegance, authenticity and creativity.

Greensboro Deserves Better!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oooh, that Matt Brown sure is something!

Bless his little heart, he got us Sir Paul McCartney!  Ernie will sure be happy...

I am certain Missoula MT is also thrilled to host such an International Talent...They must also have a Matt Brown !

Come on Greensboro... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Let s raise the bar a little... Did we need such a Big Big Big build up?... Regardless, still a little more newsworthy than this.

We used to have Elvis in the house!

My point is that, considering the large amount of resources and monies funneled to Matt Brown and The Coliseum...Greensboro should have a Paul McCartney at least once a month, and our Greenway should not cost $52,000,000 for 4 miles.

 Greensboro deserves better!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Milton Kern  former 13 years DGI board member said :

" Are you serious? You want people to go stand out in the parking lot at the Coliseum for the evening instead of shopping with downtown merchants? Who made this ill-conceived decision?"

Eric Robert (me ) , current DGI board member on one yr probation (partially responsible for Milton being voted off the DGI board) said:

” i have a very hard time believing DGI meant for it to be mutually exclusive"

Of course back in 2012 Milton Kern was quoted as saying..." If customers want to go to High Point Rd, they are free to go there"

Milton Kern is also now actively working on defunding DGI and abolishing the BID (business improvement district) since he was voted off the board.  

The timing is interesting!  

I have often been described as " DGI s most vocal critic", and i can honestly tell you that DGI is genuinely trying..

.A few legacy fuckers still tried to get me voted off the board earlier this year, but i will get to them in December when i am officially done... 

In the interim,  i can assure you that Jason, Sam, Gary and most of the board are doing their best to move us forward in order to fulfill our new mandate and become the economic development  entity for Downtown Greensboro.

 In the event we cannot accomplish our new mission, then, we should grant Milton his last wish and DGI should  disappear... along with all the non value added local non profits and maybe even Milton himself...

Because Greensboro deserves better!

Hoffmann's Tangled web

Eric Ginsburg reported this today...

This is what Hoffmann had to say when caught during her facebook's pity party:
Selling your buildings is not exactly a temporary solution, now is it?
What say you douchebag Allen Johnson?

Friday, June 13, 2014

this one goes out to RP...

RP , just to prove how horrible the city has been to the Momentum horrible I tell you!

The last conversation could be of great concern, but Adam Fisher seems to think that we can sign a private parking lot with signage that is identical to city signage . Adam also seemed certain that no liability would ever fall on the city...and yet...

R.E.S.P.E.C.T Momentum style

That is how you talk to people who gave you $ 200,000...

PS: Jamal is now the boss of the bosses.

Another $26,000,000 for the Greenway? UPDATED WITH DOCUMENT

Are you fucking kidding me?

So far Action Greensboro attempted to build a 4 mile Greenway around downtown Greensboro at the cost of  $26,000,000...Yes it is over $6,000,000/mile...

Not finished but adorned with shitty art and bad landscaping,  the Greenway represents the provincial, Hobby Lobby taste level of its champions...Susan Schwartz and Dabney Sander ((among others)

Designed for the affluent urban dweller, the Greenway is now mostly frequented by the less fortunate Urban Ministry patrons.

A $250,000 + Gazebo , a crafty metal shirt with a tie in front of a Jeanswear company, a trash filled open book? On top of greek columns...

$26,000,000 is a lot of cash..we could have built the river we so envy Greenville for that...or paid our former Mayor's debt.

The truth is that there is no reason in the world why this little trail should cost us that much..not with all the other needs our community struggles to meet.

It is easy to piss away money when you don't spend your own... A little creativity would go a long , long , long way and provide us with the desired path for a fraction of the cost.

So while Susan Schwartz, Dabney Sanders and Cecelia Thompson are busy buying us "artwork" from the Stein Mart catalog, we have to keep on paying the bill while throwing up a little.

Yesterday city staff suggested an additional $26,000,000 be added to an upcoming bond for the Greenway....YES... it will need repaving and extensive maintenance. Of course, our community does not have any other need.

Come on man...have some pudeur show some decency...

Greensboro simply deserves better!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Greensboro really needs...

Ambition, Audacity and Creativity...that is what Greensboro needs!... 

...and this ashtray, this paddle ball, this remote control, these matches, this lamp, this chair and this magazine...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We must be in good hands...right?

So the meeting which was supposed to take place in Ms Hoffmann's third floor apt was destined to impress and attract a company to invest $20,000,000 and create 328 jobs.

Instead of a third floor walk up without furniture or occupancy, our crack creative economic development team decided it would be a better idea to entertain the 10th largest craft brewer in the country ( from California) in the clubhouse of a generic apartment complex. 

"Cindy Dancy, the vice president of business development services for the Greensboro Partnership Economic Development said Friday that the city wants to show its personality to Stone Brewing"... N&R

A couple of attendees recalled the gathering as "sad" and borderline "embarrassing"... Our Governor was actually in town for a birthday party and received very little notice. 

It was also noted that most guests were older white folks wearing Greensboro' unofficial uniform, nostalgically styled with golf polo shirts and pleated khakis.

Until we change our ways, we have no choice but to pay people to like us, because being cool simply isn't in our thing. 

Who are these economic development visionaries? Who are these world champions?  

If we don't get this one, maybe we should rethink the way we do things and actually make the effort to understand our audience and our competition.  

Greensboro simply deserves better!