Monday, October 20, 2014

SC2 indeed challenged

Since I want to be just like my friend Roch, i had also submitted a SC2 proposal hoping to make my city a slightly better place and pocket a ton of money in the process...

My proposal dealt with our ongoing MWBE participation dilemma. The idea was a simple one...apply a proven business model to what seems to be traumatizing our council members week after week...

Here is a brief overview

"MOSAIK is all about doing the right thing.

As municipalities and other government entities strive to expand the opportunities for Minorities and Women owned businesses, we realized that some of the realities make it almost impossible for many to participate in the process.
The issues are many and range from lack of awareness to the lack of basic business infrastructure and associated bureaucratic requirements.

MOSAIK will offer strategic representation, management and building solutions to Minorities and Women owned construction professionals and to the building industry at large."

Individual development and construction companies have greatly benefited from large public contracts and funding, many competent minorities and women owned entrepreneurs were left out of the process due to lack of awareness, business acumen or proper licensing. A void was identified in the marketplace. The lack of representation made it difficult for business entities to connect with minorities and women owned building professionals. MOSAIK was created to be that conduit. "

Back in 2002 I co-created an agency representing the business interests of Fashion Designers which dealt with very similar issues... the agent takes care of all business needs including licensing, proposal submission, insurance etc and the talent focuses on getting the job done.

My submission has been rejected  for 2 reasons:

The second reason was that I did not include a budget as required  (I do not have a problem with that)... but the first reason is probably why we need to review the reviewer ...

The City of Greensboro wants to inform you that your submission to Phase One of the SC2 Challenge did not pass the administrative review process. Please see the specific reason(s) below:
  •   The submission is not specific to the economic development of Greensboro. 

 Councilman Barber's may want to look at our economic development department as a start to his painless plan.

I find myself hoping that Roy Carroll does indeed take over the economic development reigns for our city.