Thursday, July 18, 2013

Noise for dummies...

I received a few videos with a brief paragraph describing that a few business owners had gotten together to try and understand what this new noise ordinance is really all about. 

Many Council Members had participated in noise readings throughout the past year and had established that the ambient noise in the downtown area typically registers around 72 db to 75 db using the A scale... And yet...last Tuesday night, they voted to reduce the acceptable decibel level to 65 db while using a new scale, the C scale (which is more "sensitive" and reduces the A scale by approximately 10 db so the new 65 db is really 55 db).

The results... anyone producing noise above  65 db using the C scale will be in violation of the ordinance...the violators will be ticketed, sued and eventually shut down.  

The business owners purchased the same equipment the GPD is using and had a staff member of A&T 's engineering dpt calibrate the unit for them. They are using the new scale for their measurements...the C Scale . ( I have not confirmed the credentials of the calibrator). 
Here is what they found...

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