Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A simple honest request...

A lot has happened and a lot is happening with some of our local non profits...Always guarded and often offended, a few local non profits have done a great job alienating the very people that support them financially.

The loss in public confidence will certainly no be regained with the current climate of secrecy and deception.

Is Grassroots a non profit? Why would the Community foundation received pledges on its behalf? How much does Mitch Sommers make as the head of the Community theater?How much does Walker Sanders make? how about his wife Dabney? How about handpicked DGI golden boy Jason Cannon?  How about Sam Funchess of the Nussbaum center? Does anybody know? Should DGI have a foundation? Should the ICRM have so many entities that only Colombo could see his way through? Should the Greenway really cost $6,500,000 per mile? Should the IRC receive more money (I think so...probably the best non profit we have)...

Bottom line is that WE are getting fucked!, not always and not by every nonprofit, but certainly by a few well versed ones...over and over and over!

If you are going to receive and take public monies then...

First ...  Recognize that the funds you receive are in fact not yours to distribute as you wish, but ours for you to steward.
Second... be appreciative, not arrogantly entitled,  and say THANK YOU! 

Then adhere to the following:

All non profits benefitting from public funds must be comprised of one entity and one entity only.

-All non profits  benefitting from public monies must hold meetings that are open to the general public who helps fund them.

All non profits benefitting from public funds must ensure that all communications adhere to Public record laws.

All non profits benefitting from public monies must ensure that all executive committee meetings and regular board meetings are recorded with digital devices including video and sound.

All non profits benefitting from public monies must not have their membership sign confidentiality agreements.

All non profits benefitting from public monies must ensure that the diversity of their board is representative of the city overall demographics and should include diversity in gender, race, age, affluence and aspirations.

All non profits benefitting from public monies must disclose the top three salaries within the organization.

As we are entering a new budget cycle, these few prerequisites must be mandated for any and all non profit entities benefitting from public funds during the upcoming fiscal year...PERIOD!

If you don't like it then don't take our money... 

Who on city council will introduce such resolution? better yet...why would any council member want to oppose this?

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  1. why would any council member want to oppose this?

    Only if they're in on the scams.