Friday, September 5, 2014

If at first you don't succeed... Call Andy Scott?

Greensboro City Council -March 19, 2013 Agenda Item # 29-

1.7 Limitation of Agreement; No Public Funding. Developer acknowledges and agrees
that this Agreement does not obligate or commit any public funds of the Commission or the City. The
Agreement does contemplate one or more separate Agreement(s) will be entered into between the City, Developer, and Commission regarding the infrastructure development as set forth in Paragraph 3.5.1 but the inclusion or indication of the need for such agreement(s) in no manner shall be deemed to be, construed or interpreted as an obligation on the part of the Commission or the City to execute any such agreement merely by virtue of its mention as a condition within this Agreement.

The Bob's entitlement is not surprising considering this shameless and disgusting previous attempt at double dipping.

Wake up folks!!! Union Square will actually better our community, something The Bobs are clearly not interested in.

Don't worry Bobs...daddy Andy will make it all better...Andy Scott wrote me a letter once. 

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