Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cyndy Hayworth... Perfect Palliative Perpetuation !

1. Cyndy Hayworth privately advocated with numerous, past and present council members, to defund the International Civil Rights Museum. Important to note that DGI receives more public monies than the ICRM, and more importantly, DGI is a 501c3, and as such, is not supposed to engage in poltics or any political agenda. DGI is also supposed to be promoting Downtown Greensboro...not advocate for the obsolescence of our cultural heritage.

2. Cyndy Hayworth is on the board of adjustments and therefore can use her influence to deny the appeals of the many that DGI does not want downtown...Considering her stance on the ICRM and DGI 's aversion to diversity, i will leave the existing conflicts up to your imagination...

I no longer want my tax dollars to support the bigoted, conflicted and idiotic organization that DGI embodies.


  1. Strictly speaking, a 501(c)3 cannot engage in partisan politicking (i.e., vote for or against Candidate X). It can engage in issue education and advocacy. While it arguably is a conflict of interest for Ms. Hayworth to do as she has done, it almost certainly doesn't violate the relevant laws and regulations with regard to charitable tax-exempt organizations.

  2. Thank you Lex for the clarification / correction. I guess she was advocating then!