Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Another city of Greensboro deception...

As many of you know, the state legislature made it mandatory for municipalities to put the management of  municipal service districts up for  competitive bid.

A common sense approach would be to hold a referendum to see if the downtown property owners. ( which pay the extra tax ) even want to continue with what has been a dismal failure for the past 10 + years... The MSD has been in existence for longer but was actually a positive influence in the beginning.

For the record, our Mayor, Nancy Vaughan has told me that " ...she would never allow the MSD to be abolished, because the city needed the money..." So to appease the state legislature, the city is going through the motions and therefore settting up a" meeting"... A drop in meeting from 4 to 7... A meeting where no one will hear what others are saying, a meeting where the city only the city staff and city attorney will be aware of the "findings"... I call  BULLSHIT...We need a townhall meeting!

But wait there is more, the deviant players also put together an " elaborate survey"... read and laugh, or be sad...very sad!

It is obvious that the city folks have no plans to remove or replace DGI. They have no plans to make Greensboro better because our deceptive leadership likes it the way it is...they like unimaginative Drunkass Zack, because they can control him, and as someone close to him put it..." He can' t fuck things up any more than the other guys..."

In summary, the city will ask for public input but will eventually decide  that a Request For Proposal is not necessary. Sounds familiar?

Good thing that Ms Wade is now working on a process which will make it easier for Downtown property owners to opt out of The MSD. Of course , this is already allowed by law but one would have to sue...

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  1. " ...she would never allow the MSD to be abolished, because the city needed the money..."

    But as you and I know from reading Nancy's e-mails nothing she says can be trusted.