Saturday, May 4, 2013

The DGI gods must be angry...

or is it just Milton Kern, and does he speak for DGI as an executive board member? 

I guess we will read about it tomorrow...  Allen Johnson will probably feel like Milton on Viagra.

It may be time for this passé angry old man to retire and purchase a couple of bathtubs facing the ocean.

Side note: Who paid the $1,600 for Milton Kern to travel to Alabama to represent us as one of our "city leaders"? 


  1. the man is a douchbag, nothing more than a redneck with money and no class, just ask his ex wife.

  2. Are you talking about Uncle Milton? Ever wondered how he got that name?

  3. Milton is quite the hypocrite. Just for fun, i actually saw a picture of Milton in a night club in Alabama. The photo included other "community representatives" and was taken during last month's trip. The trip cost was $1,600 / person. Let' s hope Milton did not make too much noise...

    1. I saw the photo too and he was with action greensboro cecilia tompson