Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Momentum boys...and girl !

Apparently, you can apply and receive $200,000 from the city, obtain right of ways and permits, partner with a council member without ever writing an email or receiving one. 

This is the PIRT I submitted:
"...Please provide all correspondence and communications between -Momentum development partners and/or James Budd and/or Nick Piornack- and any and all city staff and council members from .January 2012 to present...."

This is what I received:
"...As requested the results of the search for PIRT 2548 based on the criteria provided in the email below, is as follows: 
PIRT 2548 –yielded 1 hit
 Using “James Budd”, “Nick Piornack”, and “Momentum Development” in the To/From field with dates between 1/1/2012 and present day, I only received one hit.
 We looked at the one result and it was junk mail. "



  1. This is bullshit

  2. There lies the problem , red flag on this one

  3. That's consistent with my experience.

  4. http://www.sog.unc.edu/sites/www.sog.unc.edu/files/public_records_overview.pdf
    Just in case the city staff needs the cliff notes

  5. This system is beyond broken...they release what they want to release if and when they decide to release it, all with complete disregard for existing and very clear legislations,

  6. Update: "...also reran the search on the momentum request and took out the word development. I received over 600 hits and staff will review those emails and release them as available..."

    Thank You