Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's up with April Harris?...what's up with Action Greensboro/ UPDATED

The details are still fuzzy but Jim Melvin apparently used his political influence to find April a new job. He will no longer have to pay her salary...WE will...
Welcome to the Guilford County Education System!

 April Harris...Fired? Not fired?... 
One thing is for sure, she will no longer head Action Greensboro.
Rumors are she will soon "pop up" elsewhere as she will be recycled in yet another non profit or government agency. 

Cecelia Thompson... Has been applying to many other non-profits in town...No success so far...Maybe Greensboro is evolving beyond tires full of grits. We'll see if her good friend Nancy Hoffmann helps out...a job at the city perhaps? 

All Dabney Sanders wants to know is "Who gets the Greenway?" 
That, is the $26,000,000 / 4 mile  question. 
Will Dabney remain in charge, or will it be absorbed by DGI? How will Walker react?
Isn't Dabney an independent contractor anyway?

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