Saturday, January 11, 2014

Isner's new gig


Am i the only one thinking that this is getting more and more inappropriate and indecent?

"...When asked if NAI would take the lead in brokering the redevelopment project, Isner said, “that’s to be determined, but that might be a good guess.”...

Isner is learning from his  good friend and new boss Robbie Perkins. Robbie paved the way for this precedent, and now wants to get his. 

The selected Master developers ( Bob Isner and Bob Chapman) refused to take ownership of the redevelopment land as it was originally intended, because they did not want to pay the associated property taxes. To date, they have contributed NOTHING to the deal...

As a matter of fact, the deal today looks nothing like the deal presented and reviewed during the developer 's selection process.  

7 + years in the making, the process has been plagued by incompetence and ineffectiveness.  Bob Isner and Co are now seeking massive incentives and municipal financing even though Bob Isner's group was selected mostly based upon its ability to provide financial backing to the project. 

I was part of the citizen advisory board for this project, and as such, I have attended each and every meeting during the selection process. 

Stay tuned...

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  1. All the more reason Greensboro should be supporting this idea and leaving the cronies to make it on their own.