Sunday, January 26, 2014

South Elm St Masters

Over the next few months, I will be posting a few interesting points that i am uncovering while reading through the massive information dump provided to me by the city staff... 

For reasons unknown, I have been instructed to go through a PIRT process to obtain simple answers to a few, very simple questions. 
The lengthy unnecessary Public Information Request actually provided unflattering documents highlighting the unequalled incompetence with which The South Elm Street redevelopment was/is handled.

Dyan Arkin who is the lead person on this project also handles the Bessemer shopping center. Maybe time for the city's leadership to revisit the employee's performance evaluations. To be fair, she inherited the project from diabolical dick-head Dan Curry who worked for Andy Scott.

Here is a couple of answers...just for fun
Q: Please provide any and all amendments/changes made to the South Elm Street master development plan after the master developer was selected.
A: The Master Developer has not yet submitted a master development plan. 
Weird as a Master development plan was submitted to obtain funding, another one during the developer's selection process and a Master Development Agreement was voted on by council on March 19th 2013. 

Q: Did the city remove contamination from any other privately owned parcel?
A: No. The City removed an underground tank from the 725-727 S. Elm Street property owned by the ------ family. This activity was funded under the EPA assessment grant to determine if soil contamination has occurred.
Even stranger, as the tank was full, the tank was huge, truck loads of earth were removed and replaced but the answer remained No. The original assessment submitted to the EPA to receive funding also referred to specific contamination located on that specific site.

"...This activity was funded under the EPA assessment grant to determine if soil contamination has occurred...."   
The reason I asked the question to begin with was because, the city used my acreage to receive subsidies and funded the removal of this specific tank on the only other private property within the Redevelopment area, all while attempting to condemn and restrict my property. 
They then reported me to Guilford County Health and finally turned me in to the State Environmental Agency... 

We have now entered a new phase... Fortunately for us, Mr Ed Kitchen of the Bryan foundation came running and saved us from ourselves... he not only gave us a dog park, but also provided the concept for the Union Square University campus

The timing could not have been better, since, after years of civic masturbation, and blown timelines, the selected master developers were still exploring themselves.

On March 19th 2013, the "Master Development agreement was approved. Within it, it is stated that "...upon execution of this Agreement, Developer will within three months commence performance of any and all obligations under this agreement” ...   Performance ??? 

To date the "Master developers" including Bob Chapman and Bob Isner have yet to take possession of any parcel of land, as they appear to be adverse to paying associated property taxes. It will be interesting to see how the redevelopment land gets transferred to the Universities since, technically, the redevelopment Commission still owns the land... 

Vigilance is a must now that one of the Masters got a new job working for our ex-Mayor.

Article 9.15 of the Master Development Agreement
Conflict of interest. 
"The developer covenants that neither it nor any of its members, directors, officers, or employees has any interest, nor shall acquire any interest, directly or indirectly, which would conflict in any manner or degree with the performance of the services herunder, including the causing of commission to suffer a conflict of interest prohibited by applicable laws, regulations or contract with funding entity. The developer further covenants that in the performance of this agreement, no person having such interest shall be employed by it or shall subcontract with it to perform duties under this agreement."

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