Sunday, February 8, 2015

From unethical to criminal?... DGI does it better!

So many lies, so little time!

So now what for the notorious chairman of deception himself Mr Gary Brame? Now what for his illustrious executive cohort?

In anticipation of further DGI initiated deception, I have been reading up the topic of "padding one' s resume"

 Here are some excerpts:

"...Even if you get hired based on the false information, your new employer can fire you at any time based solely on your misrepresentation of any fact that relates to your ability to perform your job. For instance, you can be fired for:
  • Not reporting a record of prior felony convictions, if asked 
  • Claiming fraudulent completion of a college degree or specialized training 
  • Not being truthful about being dismissed in a previous job for honesty-related problems, such as stealing or falsifying records"

What Can an Employee Who has been Fired for Lying Do?

As long as the termination was not used as an excuse for firing an employee discriminatorily and didn't breach an employment contract where oral or written assurances of job security were made, employees who misrepresent themselves on applications generally can't retaliate by filing a lawsuit for wrongful termination or discrimination."

Now, should DGI' s executive committee be allowed to spend our tax dollars to pay severance to someone who misrepresented himself. 
Yes weekly reported how concerned DGi s leadership is with "fiduciary duty", and yet the rumors are that Jason Cannon will be receiving a generous, undeserved and sizeable severance package. 

I care bcause it is our hard earned tax dollars they are misusing... I care because this is not proper stewartship...what s next? $180,000 streetscape plan?

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