Sunday, February 1, 2015

Equality, Unity, Humanity

I was fortunate to attend the International Civil Rights Center and Museum Gala last night.

The experience was humbling and the audience beautiful... The speeches were moving, and, at times, upsetting! The stories were brutal but the narrative peaceful.

" Love each other" was a common theme, as was "treat each other with respect and dignity"... words with increased resonnance as they came from individuals that were once brutalized, demonized, segregated and dehumanized.

Recent national events and local divisive rhetoric reinforce the fact, that, while we can now drink from the same water fountains, we have yet to achieve equality and unity...We also have a lot more loving and respect to give.

The individuals accounts and stories of the honorees painted personal moments of our common history not told in textbooks and further demonstrate the need for the Museum and its reason for being.
A witness and a stage for our racial inheritance, the museum preserves legacy, celebrates unity, equality humanity!

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