Friday, April 3, 2015


Hide your daughters, hide your wives...the Blacks are coming!!!

The following fear mongering email was sent to the predominantly white Southside homeowners association... Courtesy of your Greensboro Police Dpt and Bob Lamar  NOT ( as previously reported ) from Diane Ziegler of the Downtown Resident Association  and DGI s executive committee.

From: Bob Lamar <>
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2015
Subject: Saturday Night

"I was asked by Captain Barnes (Central Division Commanding Officer) to warn you about Saturday night.

Lotus has a popular rapper coming (Yo Gotti). So there will be a lot more traffic on South Elm.  

He advises that when this performer performed in Charlotte recently there were fights and a shooting.

He has doubled the Lewis Street police presence to twelve officers, and has required Lotus to hire 6 police officers to handle the interior and immediate surroundings.

ABC officers will be there as well.

He has agreed to send officers routinely down Lewis to Southside Square to keep an eye on those leaving the club. He is also asking officers to monitor behavior in the alley next to Lotus where a lot of beer is drunk at cheap prices, and things get out of hand. This will continue in the coming months.

He asked that all residents who hear a disturbance this weekend, or any time, to call 911, even if you aren’t sure a crime is being committed. But he warns that today’s club-goers are not intimidated by police presence. Fights frequently break out with a policeman standing right next to the fighters!"

 My apologies to Chief Scott as it becomes clear that Bob Lamar and others have had some creative embellishment of the original conversation. Chief Scott decided to add police presence for all of downtown as the weather is warmer and downtown's attendance is increasing. He never targeted Lotus as Lying Lamar reported. 
Obviously we should only believe official Police communiqu├ęs not Lamar's intentional racist fear mongering. Also 911 is for life threatening events and emergencies....if you see a black man downtown, DO NOT call 911.. It s ok!

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