Monday, January 18, 2016

Dirty, Filthy...Shameful!

After 9 months of fighting one of the largest law firm in the state, the city's legal department and some city staffers, le maitre chien is now trying to rob me of my day in court in front of a jury of my peers...The same dog handler also denied me access to all my elected officials by scaring them into submission... all why I am still paying my taxes and therefore part of the city's legal bill.

After withdrawing one motion to dismiss and after being denied another one, the desperately manipulative  city of Greensboro's attorney and its pack of rabid dogs are now trying to manipulate the system one more time so that I can never have my day in court!

My trial date has been set for February 8th in front of a jury... Now, the city filed a motion for "Summary Judgment" where they are asking a judge to decide, therefore bypassing a jury trial altogether. 

They have asked for the hearing to take place on February 2nd... 6 days before I am scheduled to go to trial.

If they were so sure of themselves, then why not go in front of a jury... the answer is obvious but yet our council allows this shameful process to take place. 

While I would accept a jury's decision regardless of the outcome, I will not accept to be victimized one more time by deceptive maneuvers. 


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  2. sal leoneJanuary 18, 2016 at 10:10 PM
    Its a smart move I was waiting for the city to do, it will delay the case. A judge can be much better then a jury, guess what I bet most lawyers know a judge or two.

  3. I think if I recall matters of law, rule 56. This move favors the city and I think it has to be filed 10 days before the hearing. The city is pretty much saying there are no facts to the case and the city is right.

  4. A good lawyer knows the law a great lawyer knows a judge

  5. Malheureusement, Keith maybe right! And the current judge seems to be enamoured with the city's lawyers...imwould not be surprisd if they knew each other

  6. Eric is being played by the City, the City is playing the court game. The moves are good and I saw them coming and next they will try top seal the case from the public stating something about government rights. The fact is Eric has a case and the more they fight then the more Eric will fight back. The City should do right because how much is being wasted fighting this. I bet a jury by Judge will favor the City, remember all lawyers are members of the BAR and know each other or know someone who knows them, its a brotherhood, watch and you will see, it already happened when the Judge didn't know anything solid when his orders were not followed, remember that, oh yes he spoke to them, wow.

  7. So from my understanding, Eric is now truly between the proverbial Rick and hard place. My understanding is that in the early 2000's, the city used to mill property as part of the properties for an application of federal grant money. The city at the time felt that the property would ultimately be theirs likely through imminent domain. They obtained the funding but thankfully lost the initial property battle with Eric. The city will obviously spend hundred of thousands of tax payer money to keep the percentage of funds slated initially for the mill. So they will use every available "legal" maneuver to fight this... a huge battle and emotional roller coaster for Eric. If Eric doesn't push hard enough, they win. If he pushes to hard, it seems possible the federal HUD may be drawn into this (hate that I have to use the rhino as a source) and while I admit I do not know all the stipulations or grounds the fed can use regarding distribution of the grant; could possibly implode the grant itself. Which, while a gladly perceived punishment for the city, also directly effects Eric and the value of his huge investment in the mill. I truly wish you the best on this endeavor and hope at the very least it truly enlightens the public of how corrupt are this city's government/elite.

  8. 8c your understanding is pretty spot on except that the city already involved HUD by weitting an affidavit for them and having it signed. Of course they filed the affidavit right before " discovery" expired and refused to give us a chance to depose HUD. The city is going as far as requesting that a judge prevent us from cross examining HUD during trial. In othe words, they wrote an affidavit for a guy @ HUD, had him sign it, and are now asking a judge to protect him and the city from questionning. It is getting dirtier and dirtier and our city council is supporting this shameful process. Maybe they are part of the pack...

    1. Your right they are playing dirty... And with this collection of staffers and elected officials I wouldn't have expected anything less. Still pulling for you for what it is worth.