Thursday, January 7, 2016


It's been a while...sorry!

A lot has happened and a lot needs to be told but I will save the mundane details for later, but, believe me, the story rivals some of the best telenovelas.

One chapter alone will be devoted to how the Mayor of my city hired my ex girlfriend's current husband to represent her, even though she was already being represented by the city's entire legal staff and one of the most prominent law firm in the region...

Anyway, I will get back to that story later on. Right now, I want to write about ...wait for it...DGI!

DGI which could now stand for "Drunk Guy Inside" and remains a very sad story altogether.

As many of you know, the NC legislature passed a new law which now forces the city's leadership to open Downtown Greensboro's management to other potential suitors.

Amen, Bravo, Thank You Ms Wade... Thank you very much!!!

DGI knew this was coming and what does Zack Matheny do?...  he rushes to sign a lease with one of its board member. 
DGI, still clueless and still self absorbed is now in extreme hurry to move from an office that it has no reasons to move out of.

How indecent and how irresponsible is it for an organization which may not be in existence in 5 months to sign a long term lease now and commit taxpayers to pay for it long term?

This action illustrates clearly how selfish, arrogant and irrelevant DGI remains... DGI's leader may be "talkin" about  Downtown Greensboro until 3 in the morning , but he does not give two fucks about it... and this my friends is exactly why Zack Matheny needs to go and why DGI needs to be replaced! 

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