Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adieu DGI !

Today was my last  meeting as a member of the DGI board of directors... I must say that I harbor mixed feelings... I am a little sad that Sam Simpson had to resign as he was determined to better the organization but finally realized that "a better downtown " was an impossible dream considering the upcoming DGI chair and current President...

I am disappointed that I did not get the chance to finish the implementation of the Marketing plan that I created, and I fear what DGI's  incapable hands will do with it going forward...and , finally,
I am very much pissed off that my friend Simone McClinton got caught in the mix and was also removed from the board even though she had 4 years left to go... Mark Gibbs of Gibbs Brewery was selected and a little too eager to replace her as the restaurant representative. Gibbs does not own a restaurant but he is a partisan and seems stuck onto Gary's power moob.

Simone's only faults were that she questioned the questionable, sat next to me during every meeting and was of the same mindset that Downtown Greensboro deserved better.

While most people know my feelings for Downtown Greensboro Inc, most people do not know that i went in as a determined  board member who was going to walk the walk and contribute all that I could in an attempt to better the organization I spent so much time criticizing...

As Sam Simpson and Nancy Vaughan had to fight to get me on, I was not going to let them down and wanted to demonstrate that we are simply better together!
I went in wanting to be part of the solution and contributed my time, my resources, my talent and available favors to assist in creating a better Downtown, a Downtown that I am all invested in!

By July, I found myself in the bizarro world of having to defend DGI in the press against comments made by former board members. By September, I had created a sustainable and credible branding platform, a marketing strategy , and, today, was credited for having been the instigator of moving the ice skating rink down to Lewis St...BUT,  I voted against Gary's idiotic idea of spending $180,000 on a street scape plan... a plan that many council members have already agreed could not be funded. I opted  to create something cool, memorable and tangible for our center city instead.

As my last board meeting came to a close,  I accepted that the organization waited me out determined to vote me off regardless of my contributions as they were determined to reject me almost from the beginning.

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