Friday, March 18, 2016

Milton Kern, why are you driving by my house real slow?

It' s been a difficult week and i was looking forward to sharing a beer with my guys shooting the shit taking pride in all we accomplished this week.

That was until I received a call from the city's engineering and inspections department at 4:30  today, telling me that there was complaint filed regarding my ongoing renovations in downtown Greensboro...after a little righteous inquiry, i was told that Milton Kern, notified the city of my ongoing work and wanted to make sure that I had the proper permitting...after he was told that I did, in fact, have the proper permits, he decided that he wanted to review the plans my architect submitted.

Obviously, milton objected to an additonal emergency exit the city had me add as it opened onto the sidewalk ...the code requires an additional exit if the diagonal distance from the existing door is more than 75'...well, I had 72' but , safety first, so I spent more money and was only too happy to accomodate the city's penchant for safety.

But now, the city wants me to go to council to ask for a variance or spend more money and change the approved door in order to create yet another downtown recessed urinal...of course it is not enough that we already have to clean up weekly homeless defacation  on the property...or is it Milton's?

 Time will tell how this one gets resolved, but one thing is for sure, i waited for my permits for over 6 months and i am not about to start the process again because of  dried up scrotum Milton Kern.

In the interim while I am flatttered to be able to give Milton a hardon without his daily Cialis, i wish that my suitor did not look like Kermit in Depends...

This "has been" pathetic douchebag is trying so hard to remain relevant that I almost feel sad for him... Really I do!

I am not sure what it feels like to have to dye your hair  and whore yourself to the local papers to  justify one's existence...from a downtown retirement community to a homeless shelter in the old jail, Milton's Idiocy is unparalleled...

So Milton, as much as Ii would like to use your triple chin as Rocky would use a speed bag, I will tell you that I pity you...but my pity has limits ,so this is me, telling you Milton Kern  to go Fuck Yourself. 

And, if I open my emergency door onto the sidewalk, i hope you happen to be walking by!

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