Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pop Quiz...Downtown edition

Bobby and his friends are downtown Greensboro property owners  who pay extra taxes annually in the amount of $600,000/year.

Bobby and his friends are aware that out of the $600,000, $334,000 is being paid to the city of Greensboro for daily garbage collection , flower baskets and sidewalk cleaning. Bobby and his friends like what the city is doing for Downtown Greensboro.

 Zackary, the local bully now takes $150,000  off of the remaining monies for himself and gives an additional $60,000 to his friends he calls "staff" .
 Zackary also decided to give another friend of his $40,000 to rent an imaginary fort noone needs.

Now, How much is left for Bobby and his friends who paid the initial $600,000 and what value are they getting out of it?

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