Monday, March 14, 2016

What we have learned today from the mandatory meeting to bid on The BID

-The total budget is now a total of $600,000.

-The city will no longer take out roughly $334,000 from the BID funds, as it used to, for the daily downtown sidewalk cleanup and daily garbage removal. 

-The city will now pay for all these additional services itself from the general funds...including flower baskets and blooming corners.

-80%of the BID monies will now need to go towards programs and not salaries or administration fees....
So, according to the RFP , no more than $120,000 could go towards salaries, fringe benefits and rent. 
(Zack may quit but will most likely try to snake more money out of us serfs).

-MWBE  will now be a criteria in contractors' evaluation 
( about time!).
Considering Zack's lack of support for all things non-white, he will most likely focus on the W.

Oh, i almost forgot, DGI came out in force today  with 4 board members and the entire DGI staff. 

Good thing that Zack brought his staff as he was playing with his phone the entire time, visibly annoyed he had to be there.

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