Friday, June 27, 2014

Dangerous curves?

Mr. Brown, could you contact the stucco sub-contractor used for the Aquatic Center and ask him to please come back and fix the curves adorning the facade of your jewel.

Nothing smooth or sexy about these curves?

While some may accurately and appropriately think that we have more important issues than jagged curves on our landmarks, I believe their acceptance says something about our city...

We keep pretending to be something we are not... In our desire to belong, we pay for, we accept and we celebrate the mediocrity we are often provided with!

The truth is that we spend very large amounts of funds on projects that should really cost us a fraction of budgeted amounts...worst yet, the finished projects are too often anticlimactic.

The Greenway should never cost $26,000,000 or $52,000,000 for 4 miles of trails unless it was in Qatar and paved with gold..
A Gazebo should never cost $250,000 unless it was commissioned by "Action Dubai"...
The GPAC could be more elegant, tasteful and acoustically advanced for half the current price tag.

Just like our city's favorite developers, Greensboro's Nouveau Riche approach to urbanism lacks elegance, authenticity and creativity.

Greensboro Deserves Better!

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