Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We must be in good hands...right?

So the meeting which was supposed to take place in Ms Hoffmann's third floor apt was destined to impress and attract a company to invest $20,000,000 and create 328 jobs.

Instead of a third floor walk up without furniture or occupancy, our crack creative economic development team decided it would be a better idea to entertain the 10th largest craft brewer in the country ( from California) in the clubhouse of a generic apartment complex. 

"Cindy Dancy, the vice president of business development services for the Greensboro Partnership Economic Development said Friday that the city wants to show its personality to Stone Brewing"... N&R

A couple of attendees recalled the gathering as "sad" and borderline "embarrassing"... Our Governor was actually in town for a birthday party and received very little notice. 

It was also noted that most guests were older white folks wearing Greensboro' unofficial uniform, nostalgically styled with golf polo shirts and pleated khakis.

Until we change our ways, we have no choice but to pay people to like us, because being cool simply isn't in our thing. 

Who are these economic development visionaries? Who are these world champions?  

If we don't get this one, maybe we should rethink the way we do things and actually make the effort to understand our audience and our competition.  

Greensboro simply deserves better!


  1. And who wants to bet that not one location shown to Stone Brewing is in East Greensboro where unemployment is the highest overall and real estate the least expensive and closest to the railroad tracks the brewery will need to ship their beer by the most cost effective means.

  2. God these people are the worst. How do you blow that kind of opportunity with so much on the line?