Friday, June 13, 2014

Another $26,000,000 for the Greenway? UPDATED WITH DOCUMENT

Are you fucking kidding me?

So far Action Greensboro attempted to build a 4 mile Greenway around downtown Greensboro at the cost of  $26,000,000...Yes it is over $6,000,000/mile...

Not finished but adorned with shitty art and bad landscaping,  the Greenway represents the provincial, Hobby Lobby taste level of its champions...Susan Schwartz and Dabney Sander ((among others)

Designed for the affluent urban dweller, the Greenway is now mostly frequented by the less fortunate Urban Ministry patrons.

A $250,000 + Gazebo , a crafty metal shirt with a tie in front of a Jeanswear company, a trash filled open book? On top of greek columns...

$26,000,000 is a lot of cash..we could have built the river we so envy Greenville for that...or paid our former Mayor's debt.

The truth is that there is no reason in the world why this little trail should cost us that much..not with all the other needs our community struggles to meet.

It is easy to piss away money when you don't spend your own... A little creativity would go a long , long , long way and provide us with the desired path for a fraction of the cost.

So while Susan Schwartz, Dabney Sanders and Cecelia Thompson are busy buying us "artwork" from the Stein Mart catalog, we have to keep on paying the bill while throwing up a little.

Yesterday city staff suggested an additional $26,000,000 be added to an upcoming bond for the Greenway....YES... it will need repaving and extensive maintenance. Of course, our community does not have any other need.

Come on man...have some pudeur show some decency...

Greensboro simply deserves better!


  1. The Greenway is a bunch of bullshit. The best thing that ever happened on the Greenway was chubby Brian Higgins got arrested. He is such a dick. Guess what, so is most of the good folks that support suck bullshittery. I don't even know who these people are. Cecelia Thompson, Sue Schwarts (scares the fuck outta me to learn there are two Sue Schwartz's and both are of equal value) and the sanders chic..Walker's wife? This is soooo Greensboro. Let's have a bunch of fuckwads waste a bunch of money on some really stupid shit. It's so fun and exciting! I plan on giving these people the chance to meet Ben Holder. I hope they enjoy my services.

    It's Robbie "Dog Shit" Perkins, to be exact.

  2. I know what happened to the money and I'm about to tell everyone very soon.