Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Milton Kern  former 13 years DGI board member said :

" Are you serious? You want people to go stand out in the parking lot at the Coliseum for the evening instead of shopping with downtown merchants? Who made this ill-conceived decision?"

Eric Robert (me ) , current DGI board member on one yr probation (partially responsible for Milton being voted off the DGI board) said:

” i have a very hard time believing DGI meant for it to be mutually exclusive"

Of course back in 2012 Milton Kern was quoted as saying..." If customers want to go to High Point Rd, they are free to go there"

Milton Kern is also now actively working on defunding DGI and abolishing the BID (business improvement district) since he was voted off the board.  

The timing is interesting!  

I have often been described as " DGI s most vocal critic", and i can honestly tell you that DGI is genuinely trying..

.A few legacy fuckers still tried to get me voted off the board earlier this year, but i will get to them in December when i am officially done... 

In the interim,  i can assure you that Jason, Sam, Gary and most of the board are doing their best to move us forward in order to fulfill our new mandate and become the economic development  entity for Downtown Greensboro.

 In the event we cannot accomplish our new mission, then, we should grant Milton his last wish and DGI should  disappear... along with all the non value added local non profits and maybe even Milton himself...

Because Greensboro deserves better!

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