Friday, April 12, 2013

Edwin's payday...UPDATED

Ed Wolverton 's contract is up at the end of June. 

Everyone could go their own way but that would be too dignified...Instead, it is rumored than Edwin has lawyered up because he has been convinced that he should get has been reported that Susan Schwartz (the current head of the CEMALA foundation which does not "represent the Cone Family, " but instead represents a foundation endowed by a branch of the Cone Family, the Bryan Foundation and DGI) is defiant, annoyed, outraged, angry and has allegedly been advising Ed on how to stick it to the man...something Ms Schwartz is very familiar with. 

He was offered two months severance and 48 days of accrued vacations/sick days...he turned it down!

Ed is being described as "grieving" and as " unable to run the shop" but yet he is ready to sue...who is he going to sue again? He is not being fired ( technically ), his contract is simply not being renewed.

Susan Schwartz and the rest of the executive committee should resign in  protest. 

Meanwhile the Young Professionals/Action Greensboro have a plan for downtown...Now that's timing baby!


  1. So, if you were employed under contract, you would not consult an attorney when a contract modifciation is proposed? And the only cause of contract change is an unstable group of belly-achers like you and the mayor? Downtown will suffer tremendously when it loses Wolverton.
    And what did those young folks propose doing that is not already being done?

  2. I think The Young Professionals and Eric Robert and Billy Joines and the rest of the misinformed folks should try to do what DGI and some of these folks do, I am sure they would find out just how hard it is to get things done with so many different views and opinions and lack of cooperation from The City and City Council and the Bankrupt Mayor leading the way!

  3. Anon 1: it was not a contract modification, the contract is up but an an offer had to be made because of Ed's age. Not sure if downtown will feel the difference when Ed is gone but his board certainly will. Again, Ed is the patsy...his board should have resigned in protest but it did not.

    I agree that the young professionals are not the answer as they do lack originality and creativity. I can't help but notice how quickly Action Greensboro was ready to take the torch.

  4. Sounds like the board should grow a pair, tell the city to take care of the mayor and its on financial woes and leave Dgi business to Dgi

  5. DGI s business is everyone 's business...remember they are using our money, which is why i want to know who will be paying for Ed's severance...will it be downtown property owners only or will it be every other citizen in the city. And yes the board should grow a pair and resign, otherwise they will have sold out one of their own simply to protect themselves.

  6. Susan Schwratz's got ginormous balls, she may have elephantitis.

  7. But Daun Chaney's got the bigger dick

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