Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grassroots productions, the community foundation and the city

Billy Jones posted this update. They have no shame or decency as this is IN YOUR FACE absurd...Grassroots should not be allowed to do business with the city. 

Even if we overlook Grassroots production's non apologetic and arrogant is harder to ignore that Betty' s events kinda suck ... And yes many other entities could do better if given the chance. RFP, RFP, RFP...


  1. Thanks for the link!

    And yes, why are we paying for no bid contracts?

  2. Eric -- just as a point of clarification, the City does not hire Grassroots Productions to do events. They sponsor GPL's two events just like they sponsor the Holiday Parade, NCA&T Homecoming and others.

    On a personal note, I have always thought you and I had at least a cordial relationship and have had a healthy exchange of ideas on more than one occasion. I think I have always been open to hearing you out. So if you think my events suck, why not offer to come by and share your ideas on how to make them better? You may well have something to offer up that we could incorporate. The bigger profit, as I see it, is that perhaps dialogues could be begun that benefit downtown, rather than simply trashing everything that doesn't fit into your specific paradigm of not sucking.

    How do we find a collective vision for downtown if the best we can do is vilify the things we don't like about it?

  3. Whine, whine and more whining grow up and become part of the solution

  4. Peggy wrote: "How do we find a collective vision for downtown if the best we can do is vilify the things we don't like about it?"

    It begins with open records-- something Greensboro's downtown non profits seem unwilling or unable to do. As long as your bosses continue to keep secrets we will continue to think them hiding things. Put it all on the table for everyone to see and if you've nothing to hide then we'll have nothing to vilify.

    So simple a child could do it.

    1. Yep, a candid and transparent conversation wouldn't hurt...but do not hold your breath...DGI and Betty do not want to fuse DGI and DGIC into one transparent entity subjected to the public record laws. They want to keep both entities so that they can keep on doing business as usual hidden from public scrutiny.

  5. Peggy, point well taken. I certainly did not mean to hurt your would be unnecessary and rude. Grassroots/Betty Cone is being awarded event sponsorships without any competition. An RFP should be submitted to see what else is out there...maybe a fresh perspective or new ideas...
    If Grassroots wins, then, you were the best all along and you therefore deserve to handle the programs...but as of now, any time anyone calls the city re producing an event, they get directed to Grassroots productions... There are simply no reasons for that. All service contracts should be subjected to an RFP just like the law requires for every other contracts over a specific amount.

    $250,000 is a lot of money to be awarding without an RFP... especially to a for profit.

    Now Peggy, you know better...Betty is no more interested in a "dialogue" with me than I am in a dialogue with Anonymous here.

    1. Eric -- I think there is a lot of misunderstanding here that is not likely to be cleared up in a blog post. If you would like to come to our office, I would be more than happy to discuss all of this with you.

      And I don't feel a need to speak for Betty -- she's perfectly capable of speaking for herself. The only way to find out her interest in a dialogue is to ask. I somehow doubt your interest is such that you would do so. In the meantime, I have invited you. Ball's in your court. You can reach me at 274.4595.

  6. Peggy, thank you for the invite and while i would i would be happy to have a conversation with you regarding downtown any time any place...but, i am not sure what there is to discuss regarding your current employer. The facts are what they are...Grassroots is no longer a non profit, and yet still benefit from exclusive access and contracts without competition or consequences. We must revisit the way we do business in this town...for the better....that is my objective....and i refuse to kiss the ass of the entitled just because of their last names, affluence or affiliations. Remember that the DGI thing started when i was asked Betty and Co to stop taking management fees out of the downtown they supposedly loved so much.

    1. Eric -- I don't think I stipulated my current employer as a topic of conversation. As I said, Betty can speak for herself. And honestly, if you want to keep speaking from a position of ignorance about non-profits and imagined contracts, that doesn't really bother me either. It just kind of surprises me from someone who seems to value being informed.

      What I'm really interested in is your ideas about how to make my events suck less, in the small picture, and in the big picture, what you are doing besides pronouncing that all around you is corrupt and worthless, to make downtown better. You see, you may think that everything I am doing sucks, is worthless, perhaps even corrupt, but at the end of the day, I go to sleep knowing that I do SOMETHING. All I know of you is what you say so yeah, I'm genuinely curious as to what it is you DO.

    2. Look across the see the big white building with writing on it that was abandoned for many years and is now relevant again....? That is what i do

      You see the many trees that i planted on what were once contaminated and blighted sites downtown?... that is what I do

      You see all the local welders, masons, carpenters, plumbers, felons, and other misfits that have been kept working downtown for almost 10 years?...that is what i do

      You see all the photographers, dancers, painters, actors, directors and others artists that get inspired by what i create...that is also what I do

      You see the homeless guy with a beer in his hand sitting on the steps enjoying a good bull session...that is what i do

      You see the unethical non profits being exposed for what they really are...well, you get the point

      And as far as making your events better, well, all i can really recommend is that you no longer produce them.

  7. Thanks for your time and you candor, Eric -- I think you've told me everything I need to know.

    I wish you continued success in your endeavors.