Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grassroots Productions LTD

So Grassroots Productions LTD is now a Greensboro North Carolina FOR profit corporation. The mysterious circumstances under which Grassroots Productions went from a non profit to a FOR profit were never really investigated, and the financial deceit never really exposed...and yet...Grassroots Productions LTD continues to enjoy exclusive contracts with the city of Greensboro without any competition. 

Humor us and make it look like the city cares about questionable ethical behavior from its  Non Profits/for profit " contractors". 
Anyone else who is not Betty Cone would have been suspended immediately, but here, nothing happened! 

I believe that an RFP should be  issued just in case someone out there has  better /more modern /cooler ideas than Betty Cone.  I must say that our "parades" and festivals look a little tired and lack overall imagination and creativity. A Fresher perspective would complement a fresher  and "revamped" Downtown. 

One detail worth noting is that all questionable , convoluted,  accounting practices surrounding benevolent/charitable non profits all have one organization in common...Action know, the Bryan Foundation Action know, the Young Professional Action know the $6,000,000/mile Greenway Action Greensboro... You know the Center City Park Action Greensboro with unaccounted monies and undisclosed management fees.

"...Grassroots Productions is Action Greensboro's Special Event Manager for Center City Park and is responsible for all things related to Special Events in the Park."

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