Friday, April 5, 2013

N&R / DGI corrections

I received a call last night from Nancy Mc Laughlin regarding an upcoming article. Of course the topic being DGI and downtown...I bite. 

I told her that, before we begin, I should let her know that I resented my new title as DGI' strongest critic, I would have preferred to be Downtown's strongest advocate...of course I end up as DGI' strong critic.

After a brief off the record conversation, she asked, if this is about personnel changes, "do you think it is a good first step?"
I answered  that Ed is probably a decent human being, and if this is about him losing his job (and we know it is), then I thought it was sad because it would not address the underlying issues and losing a job is no cavalier matter... even it is DGI's President and CEO. 
I also said that if Ed was to be sold out by his own (and we know he is), then one of the benevolent board member should actually offer him a job. Maybe the CEMALA foundation or Action Greensboro should take him in as Susan Schwartz is such a huge fan and all.

I explained to her that Ed is not a creative man but that he was doing Susan Schwartz's bidding as well as the work of DGI's executive committee. I then used a metaphor that I have come to know well lately, and that was to compare the DGI board to an infection...changing Ed or a few board members would not solve the overall problem because some contamination would remain and the infection would inevitably come back. 

Susan Schwartz, Milton Kern, Dawn Chaney, Betty Cone and Michael Shiftan ...all have been there way too long and have no real desire for change...if anything they want to control more.  
It is now time to amputate because this infection is killing us. 

In retrospect, Bob Braswell's arrogant move was probably the most "courageous" ever taken by a DGI board member. The other relics only care about retaining their board position as it socially defines them, so that in turn they can keep on getting "theirs". 
They may be outraged by the sudden government scrutiny but you don' t see them resigning in no no. I kinda wish they would!

Time to share the sandbox folks... with all...even young professionals.

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