Sunday, April 26, 2015

Missed me?

Well, I' m back! 

I am a little disappointed in myself as it now  feels like I just picked up a cigarette after years of having been a non smoker.

I must say that I have enjoyed my time away from the massive amount of bullshit plaguing downtown Greensboro, its leadership and our city overall.

One by one influential bloggers have disappeared, and all,  i am certain, are enjoying  the peace that can only be found in blissful oblivion. 

In the wild as it is in our city, there is a natural order of things, a food chain necessary to the balance. This chain was disrupted when bloggers became virtually extinct. 
As the bloggers disappeared, so did the accountability of our elected officials, city staffers, revengeful non-profit executives and maleficent downtown "taste makers".  

Even though we rarely coordinated efforts, we were efficient and had an impact on the current  local landscape.
Robbie Perkins is no longer Mayor and for Zack Matheny is now the head of DGI . I use these two examples because , while pretending to be independent, we relied on politicians to feed us information on whomever was inconvenient at the time. 
Most of what was published about Mr Perkins was true of course, but it all came from sources closest to him. Details about his financial troubles,  indiscretions and divorce, all came from "friends" ...a long time college friend or colleague would feed info to an elected official, who in turn would pass it on to a blogger who would then write about it or better yet show up at city council and  eloquently behead and unhinge  our sitting mayor.

Zack Matheny would never have been the head of DGI if documents were not mysteriously leaked to yours truly proving that his predecessor had lied on his resume about his education.

To theses predators we are now all preys, all 273,000+ of us. 
We represent nothing more than an inconvenience, we are the pubic hair in their soup!

With four year terms and unlimited funds, drunken non profit executives and politicians have strengthened their alliance with assurances of secrets kept in exchange for job security and continuous contracts.

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