Sunday, April 26, 2015

DGI must die!

I refuse to further recognize DGI as the legitimate entity to manage Downtown Greensboro!

I refuse to pay my taxes to an organization that does not represent me but instead promotes what I despise...bigotry, mediocrity and stupidity!

If DGI evolved in the real world, it would have gone  bankrupt many years ago. 

Tuesday is the day DGI presents its budget to council... Tuesday is the day that some of our elected officials will have to explain themselves to their constituency...

Sharon, how can you, at the same time, preach MWBE and support DGI when its current leadership advocates for the demise of the ICRCM?

Marikay, you stand for right so how could you support something so wrong?

Tony, i appreciate your willingness to question the questionable. After Tuesday, we may have to enlist additional support to end the farce that DGI has become once and for all.

Zack, well , you may lead something downtown some day but it won t be as the president and CEO of DGI.

Madame Mayor, thank you for your leadership on this divisive issue and for your willingness to liberate our center city form the grasp of mediocrity and idiocy currently known as DGI.

Madame Johnson, i know you know it is time...i could see it in your eyes last week.

Mike, Please use your legal background and assist Tom on how to best move forward keeping the BID together for now..Cyndy screwed you royally or maybe you screwed yourself...either way, DGI should be done...Cyndy Hayworth and Gary Brame do not give two f&$@s about downtown and their actions were innapropriate.

Jamal, you know better..

And finally hoffmann, you make me almost hope for sb36, keep supporting DGI and lying on its behalf...i promise you that noone is surprised by what you do anymore...

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