Saturday, April 4, 2015

Opportunistic racism - A 501 C3

Bob lamar- the head of the Southside home owners association-  ironically located on MLK boulevard, yesterday grossly  misreported a conversation he had with GPD's Captain Barnes.

Dianne Ziegler- founder of the downtown resident association Greensboro (DRAG)  has repeatedly harrassesd council members about her self imposed  predicament of moving in between two night clubs...

DGI has supported many politically correct initiatives to " lighten things up" without being too obvious.

Ms Ziegler managed to obtain a permanent DGI board position for her organization DRAG...Ms Ziegler  now sits on DGI 's executive committee.

Gary  Brame, the chairman of the DGI board, an organization supposed to,support and promote downtown Greensboro had this to say about Lamar's fear mongering...

"From: Gary Brame <>
Date: Friday, April 3, 2015
Subject: Saturday Night

Thanks Bob. Appreciate the heads up."

We already knew that marketing was not one of DGI s core competence but maybe opportunistic racism is!

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