Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DGI budget presentation!

So I just left the Greensboro city council 's work session during which DGI attempted to present its budget for the upcoming fiscal year...two words, the first one is cluster...

Cyndy Hayworth did her best to present the unpresentable and looked uncomfortable and surprised during most of the meeting... perhaps it was a genuine surprise that council did not appear impressed, or perhaps it was a Botox reaction... either way, all could feel Cyndy's discomfort and DGI 's undeniable lack of relevance. 

Dawn Chaney did her best John Wayne impression when stepping to the podium to save the day, but no saving took place...bless her little heart, she tried!..
She went as far as joking with each and every council member prior to the meeting hoping for an easy A, but council was not amused. 

DGI tried all it could...taking credit for everything... from the Cascade Saloon, to the Union Square campus... even claiming all of the downtown breweries as their own accomplishment. 
Last but not least, DGI decided it was also responsible for 300 additional jobs in our center city.

A trembling Gary Brame thought it was a public hearing and interrupted repeatedly to add nothing of value. The only valuable statement was that "DGI was going to go back to its old ways of doing things".

Gary was visibly upset. I cannot recount all the lies and misinformation DGI attempted to pass by our elected officials, but a brief review of the minutes will address that later.

One notable lie was that all severances take place during the year of termination...not true as Ed Wolverton received additional severance only a few months ago. $12,000 additional to be exact!

Hoffmann seemed to be only one impressed with DGI's performance... nuff said!

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