Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hayworthless...even worse than anyone could have imagined...

Cyndy Haywortless of DGI, the interim President and CEO ( even though she does not have the required education or competencies), is an even bigger snake that anyone thought...even her friends!

This political animal wants the DGI job so badly that she will stop at nothing to get it! Ask Roy Carroll or Allen Johnson...

Her manipulative ways are disgusting yet illustrative of the way DGI goes about business.  After ignoring all other local publications, Hayworthless and her equally mediocre boss Gary Brame sat down with the N&R for a " let s get Hayworth the job she wants while we trash the city that funds us"  interview.

Stupid move if you ask me, but not surprising as neither of them is very bright!


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