Wednesday, April 29, 2015


There are a few things I despise more than DGI as an organization, and that would be some of DGI's "leaders"...

As Dawn Chaney is going into full damage control mode after yesterday embarrassing budget presentation, i started reviewing a few of DGI's deceptive claims. 

DGI claimed credit for everything they had nothing to do of DGI's claim was the preservation of the Cascade Saloon (we'll see how that one turns out)...

If my memory serves me right, I can remember Gary Brame (DGI Chairman of the board) going to council as a speaker AGAINST the preservation of the Cascade Saloon...There is video evidence out there...

In the interim here is some interesting information from a N&R article..."The South End merchants I talked to think the city should stop putting off a decision and tear down the building. They feel the South End has great vigor and life and the old abandoned building detracts from that vitality.Gary Brame, owner of Jules Antiques & Fine Art, thinks the city should create a minipark or garden on the site..."

I am certain that most council members will be contacted today in hope for an audience. I can only hope that our elected officials love Downtown Greensboro as much as i do because Downtown Greensboro could do so much better!!!


  1. I quit the Minimum Standards Housing Commission because of the Cascades Saloon debacle. Like most, I am all for saving our historical structures, but the Cascades Saloon was allowed by its owner and the City of Greensboro itself to deteriorate to the point of no return. As such, I was a part of a 3 different official (City Sanctioned) votes to demolish the building because of the danger it posed because it is situated a mere 10 feet from the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks. Rather than tear it down, the City wore down its owner, acquired ownership and is hoping Preservation Greensboro can save it. They have roughly 3 more months to do so. I think I know what won't happen then.

  2. Aj, no worries, rumors are surfacing that NC Rail and Norfolk Southern will never allow the cascade saloon to be revived...they are ready to strike shortly and use all their legal muscles to give Gary Brame his wish... did we piss $175,000 away to PreservationG?