Saturday, March 30, 2013

DGI newspaper racks...

It is rumored that DGI is about to spend close to $100,000 of our money on newspaper racks to eliminate the N&R, Yes Weekly, Rhino and other existing dispensers. 
DGI has been working on this for TEN years (that is an undisputed fact). No vote was taken but yet it is happening. 

Another mediocre solution sponsored by a mediocre downtown non profit aka DGI. 

How much longer are we going to need newspaper dispensers especially @ $8,000 a piece. Don't we have a better use for our money? 

Is it me , or are they pissing our money away with only 3 months left in the fiscal year? 


  1. As I pointed out here the newspaper racks will become an ongoing expense OR they will become illegal.

  2. Who voted for them...not the board, so who approved this silly idea?