Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It started as what should have been a civil dispute between two entities.Two seemingly incompatible points of view with little in common but for a penchant towards "Dick Measuring." 
One entity happened to be the Mayor's wealthy friend and victimized client. He is supported by the who's who of civil service  and local nobility.
The other party is the over 75db loud, targeted, frustrated, foul mouthed -caught on tape- night club owner. He has been legally operating without serious incidents for 12 years but became an overnight public nuisance . 

A diverse and different constituency solidified during the last debate. College students, lawyers, entertainers, property owners and  council members (Ms Vaughan, Ms Abuzuaiter and YES even Ms Hoffmann)  advocated for vibrancy and organic urban evolution, defeating the Mayor's  best effort to hijack the democratic process. 

Contrary to Ms Hoffmann comments,  the only reason for the renewed tantrum is because the Mayor's friend did not get his way and finally admitted (during the meeting with Greene St and SYn/SKY) that Greene Street was directly responsible for his poor condo sales' performance. This is not about noise and a  revisit simply sends the wrong message.

This is about...

"Roy has just moved into his own building...I am inclined to start citing Greene Street each time there is a complaint..."
Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller

"Mayor Perkins requested a text amendment regulating amplified noise from entertainment businesses...this is based on a complaint from Roy Carroll and others living near the Greene Street bar..."

Greensboro Police Attorney Jim Clark


"Mr. Carroll is seemingly too self-absorbed and unaware to recognize the irony of saying, "I don’t expect to be treated any differently from anybody else," after he hasreceived millions in tax breaks from the city of Greensboro to contribute to his business success. To be among the 1 percent and not recognize the special treatment he received is pretty amazing; and more than a little galling.

Mr. Carroll also seems unaware of the incongruity of his complaining about a 75 dB noise limit downtown being too high for him to live peacefully while building homes for people at the end of the airport runways where noise levels regularly exceed 85 dB "

ROCH 101

I am concerned by any statement affirming one group superiority over another, I am offended by statements that one group is solely to blame for any economic or social crisis and, I resent the belief that one clientele is superior to another based on appellation alone. History taught us that.

"...Hoffmann suggested that the young professional demographic might be “a prime business target...Middle-age and young professionals drink at places like Print Works, 1618, the O’Henry Hotel...the councilwoman said places like Greene Street could also cater to that market...."


Of course, there are different ways to interpret what she meant...

“Is what she’s saying that we should only tailor to young white males? ... Government has no role in dictating who a venue attracts, he said, and encouraging a certain demographic was a “SLIPPERY SLOPE”

Norm Click Attorney for Greene Street

Here is the Yes Weekly story. 
Here is the resistance.


  1. Good post, but I wouldn't extrapolate "white males" from Mrs. Hoffman's comments, as Mr. Click did.

  2. You must admit that, in each of the mentioned establishment, and on any given day, the clientele looks like a DGI board meeting (sorry, I had to put it in there...its becoming like Tourette).

    There is a common theme throughout all of this though and it seems to have more to do with Greene street 's patrons than with the noise itself. The ordinance 's exemptions and selective enforcement seems to support this. The truth is, that it is racist in itself to assume that young professionals only include white males, but the references made by Ms Hoffmann supports a more affluent, less ethnic crowd.

  3. How many of the people who signed the letter to which Hoffman was referring are white males?

  4. Roch, not sure if you are referring to the White paper or another document. If it is the young is part of the group s make up... Action Greensboro is not exactly known for its diversity...the entire staff is made up of white women...Again keep in mind that this is not Mr Klick first time at the rodeo...he is a reputable lawyer who has more insights that we do. I find Nancy Hoffmann 's comments regarding the proposed clientele change completely inappropriate . One thing is clear...the source of the noise seems to be more of a concern than the noise itself.

  5. I was referring to her "young professionals" reference regarding the op-ed, but I see your point about the other remark.