Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the youngs and the hopeless

 The mini  me's white paper sure was original  and and its opportunistic timing most  illustrative of a typical non profit maneuver .
I was downtown yesterday catching up with my neighbors and friends.  I ended up spending time with some of my militant friends from the Downtown Alliance and South Elm Alliance. After a brief insane, nostalgic moment longing for the days we were making a difference, we quickly found humor in the fact that Cecilia Thompson was "with us " behind the scene but could not openly support the cause  citing conflict with her employer (Action Greensboro)...we guessed that there were no longer any conflicts.
We also noticed how the mini mes offered no stance on Downtown's divisive issues...I asked (via message) Donovan McKnight " where does your group stand on the noise ordinance?"...i asked on facebook..."where do they stand on the upcoming entertainment license and noise ordinance?" . 

I asked because i was genuinely interested in where they stood as the younger constituency, and because i have been fighting the downtown Man for 8 years now and wanted to know if i now have to fight "a younger downtown Man" as well...the mini mes did not answer.

Young, unique and diverse individuals as part of the downtown conversation is exactly what downtown needs, but young is relative... to the 50,000+ college students, the young professionnals are younGER , but who isn't when compared to the Milton Kern , Susan Shwartz, Dawn Chaney and even me.  


  1. Looks like your ideas were hi-jacked by those defending the way it currently is.

    Most of council were right on finding some they can control instead of you.

    1. i guess it is better that way right? ... up until you become Mayor. Fuckin' A!

      How many votes do you need again?

  2. So I just attended the "Center City AM Briefing" conducted by Guilford Merchant's Association (GMA) along with Downtown Greensboro Inc (DGI). There was ZERO REPRESENTATION from synerG Young Professionals, Greensboro Jaycees, the Future Fund, Face to Face and the young lawyers section of the Greensboro Bar Association.

    Just how committed are they to downtown Greensboro?